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i am assuming that you are young and that's why you have such long periods. you not getting it at a young age, im assuming 13 - 19, is perfectly normal. periods take a long time to stabalize sometimes. it looks like yours may ust be startign to stabalize.

2011-09-13 22:56:27
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How soon could you feel being pregnant?

a month that my period didnt come

You were to get your period and spotted once and didnt get it what could this mean?

You might be pregnant- take a test

Can you get pregnant even if you didnt start your period?

No you can't.

Could you be pregnant and still have your period?

Yes You Can Get Your Period And Still Be Pregnant because if you ever watched i didnt know i was pregnant until they have the baby sometimes some people have their regular flow while they are pregnant and it could be a bad thing its a 50 percent chance of your baby not being that healthy.

Can a girl get pregnant if the sperm didnt touch the vagina but it was on her skin?

NO. if boy didnt produce a sperm then there is no chance of getting pregnant

How did they stop from getting pregnant in the old days?

they didnt

I had a light watery period but didnt cramp like usual on my period could I be pregnant?

i answer youre question with a question had u had unprotected sex? and if u did get a HPT

Can someone get pregnant if she was rubbing herself naked against her boyfriend who didnt have underwear on if he precame?

if he had nothing on and so did she there is a possability of getting pregnant,you do not have to have sex to get pregnant if his sperm gets in her she could get prgnant

You didnt have your period since you had contact with your bf maybe your pregnant?

Did you have unprotected sex ? If you did you could be pregnant if you did not have unprotected sex then the chances of being pregnant are very slim, depending on the type of fooling around that went on.

What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant if you didnt wear a condom?


I didnt see my first period when i got pregnant is this normal?


What's the longest possible time frame between taking a sugar pill and getting your period?

The longest time frame I had was 7 days but I was pregnant at the time. I didnt know I was. I guessed I was pregnant when my period came but it was very very light and brown bleeding.

If you have missed your period for three months have sore breasts ALL the time and have cramps only sometimes could you be pregnant even if you're only twelve and have NOT had sex?

If you didnt have sex then no you cant be pregnant

If a girl is spotted but should be on her cycle could she be pregnant?

If you didnt have what would be your normal period then yes you could possibly be especially if you are bleeding less or doesnt last as long. Good luck!!!

Could i be pregnant missed Period Cramps Headaches didnt take a test yet though am I pregnant?

I can't tell you if you are pregnant, because I'm not psychic. But I can tell you that those are pregnancy symptoms, so you shouls take a pregnancy test, which can tell you if you are pregnant or not

If i didnt start my period when i stopped taking my birth control after 3 days am i pregnant?


Can you have your period and then have cramping afterwards and be pregnant?

it depends. how long afterwards and did you have sex. if you didnt have sex then no

Can you still have a period if your pregnant?

Yes, you can still be pregnant. Because i had sexual intercourse, 5 weeks ago and my period didnt come for 5 weeks! i got a bit worried.

Would you be pregnant if you didnt had your period for 4 months and you have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms?


Can you get pregnant 11 days before your period if he used a condom and it didnt break?

yes u can :)

Can you be pregnant if you have been having symptoms of pregnancy but no missed period and two negative pregnancy tests?

if you didnt miss your period your not prego

Can you be pregnant after getting your period?

i had sex with my bf a month ago...we didnt use protection, he didnt ejaculate, but to be safe i took the morning after pill...two weeks later on the day i was meant to get my period i got it... had had really bad cramping and a full period with loads of blood clotts... but now a week and a half till my next period is due i feel weird... really hot, a bit nauseous, swollen breast, and tired...can i be pregnant or is it something else...or part of my pms?

If you're pregnant what happens if you get your period?

yes, you can bleed wen you r pregnant my friend didnt find out she was spregnant until 7 months gone!! she had a regular period but she was still pregnant so there is your answer! there is nothing to worry about babe!!!!!

If last month your period was due on the 13th and you didnt get it until the 21st and it was really light and this month you didn't get it on the yet and it is the 18th could you be pregnant?

NO.... I have that to alot, but im still a virgin...

My Last period was 6152010 took pregnancy test after i didnt start in July and it was negative took 5 in august and was positive?

Go to the doctor it sounds like you could be pregnant.