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It can mean a large variety of things. If this is unusual for you, consult with a doctor. This could be a natural reaction to a new medicine, stress, or a symptom of an underlying problem. Also it could mean that you are pageant.

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Q: What could be wrong if you have had light spotting for a month?
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What could be wrong if your period was brown spotting and it was early and then in the same month you had more pinkish spotting for a day and you have had lots of discharge all month?

This could be a yeast infection. See your health care provider for exact determination.

What could be wrong if you finished your period a week ago and now you are spotting light red blood and your cramping?

You are pregnant.

What could be wrong if you finished your period a week ago and now you are spotting brown blood?

nothings wrong it could be Implantation bleeding which is a pregnancy sign

Could you be pregnant or could there be something wrong if you have been on Cerazette for eight months and you have just started to get very bad cramps with light spotting?

There is a possibility you could be pregnant. See your Doctor for a quantitative beta hcg blood test.

If you are not pregnant what does it mean if you are spotting and have mucous discharge for 9 days?

There could be something wrong go to the doctors

What could be wrong if you have a 28-day cycle but last month your period was very light and at the end of that same month it came again but as it normally would?

Hi, This could be due to a hormonal imbalance or pregnancy. See your doctor.

What could be wrong if you have a regular cycle but this month you have been spotting brown but haven't had any cramps or bloating?


What could be wrong if you had a big clot then brown spotting before your period then had a light period and tested negative for pregnancy then started having fever and elevated lymphocytes?

You could have an infection and it's time to see a doctor. This does not mean you are pregnant or have cancer!

Im 16 years old and am 2 weeks late i have had some light spotting for a few days i have many symptoms of pregnancy could i be pregnant even with the light spotting for more then a day or 2?

It sounds like your pregnant, you should considering in taking a test just to be sure. But if your not pregnant than there could also be something wrong. So its better to be sure. Dont be scared, it will be okay.

You have light pink spotting on 31 weeks pregnant what is the causeThis is the 3rd time i have had it?

if you have been to the doctor and he/she said nothing is wrong then it could be from having sex, or that you have a blatter infection or it could just be that you are just getting ready to have your baby. but if you havent been to the doctor you need to go just in case something is really wrong.

What could be wrong if you are trying to conceive and you just ended your period 6 days ago but you are now spotting?

I really do not know. However, it sounds like it could be ovulation spotting. That would be about 12 - 16 days after the FIRST day of your last period. If that is the case, it is normal and should not be a cause for concern. If this continues again next month and NOT in conjunction with ovulation, you may want to talk to your doctor.

What is the difference between spotting if you know you are pregnant and actual menstruation?

spotting is light and can last for a day or two where your regular period will last longer...depending on when your last period was. I hope this can help you out and if i am wrong i guess congrats is in order

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