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most likely it's a yeast infection just because there is no discharge does not mean anything.

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Q: What could be wrong if you have itching on your vaginal lips but you don't have any discharge or pain?
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Is something wrong if you always have vaginal discharge?

Maybe Bacterial Vaginosis which is the result of your vaginal environment being unbalanced. You can have an odor,itching, and or discharge that is somewhat white. Some people just have discharge and no other symptoms. The doctor can treat it with antibiotics. It can reoccur though I am not sre what the treatment is if it is a chronic case.

Your vaginal discharge is brownis this normal?

When vaginal discharge is brownish it is somewhat normal but still could have something wrong to it. If it is yellow then i would go see a doctor about it. But if your too young to go see a doctor about your vaginal discharge tell your mother or guardian. -BillionQuestions13-

What could be wrong if you have brown odorless discharge?

Hi, A brown vaginal discharge is usually old blood or infection. You need to see your doctor to rule out infection. If its not a UTI, Vaginal infection etc then it could be early pregnancy discharge but its most likely infection.

What could be wrong if you have a white discharge with a slight odor and a little itching?

Probably a yeat infection, but you should see a qualified physician.

Could something be wrong with you if you skipped your period one month and the next month you had a gray discharge?

This could be pregnancy related or caused by a vaginal infection. See your doctor.

What could be wrong if you have painful and itching ulcers around the vaginal area that keep spreading?

Eww...none that you should be asking WA about. Go see your OBGyn and get that cleared up by a professional.

Do vaginal itching affects pregnancy?

according to what i know then my answer is no. but plz go to the doctor and make sure that nothing wrong is going on. the itching can be caused by having an infection or can be caused by skin irritaion from shaving or so.

Is something wrong if there is vaginal itching after giving birth?

I had some mild itching for the first week or so after giving birth to my son the doctor said that it was normal for some minor itching because the skin is healing if you have any tears it may itch a little!!! hope this helps!

What could be wrong if you have brown discharge and diarrhea?

you can have super diarrioh!

Foul vaginal discharge and pelvic pain you have had a tubal in 2001 could you be pregnant or cancer or what?

you need to go to the doctor as soon as you can because that could be several things wrong with you. It could be an advanced yeast infection or another type of infection but you should definitely go to the doctor.

What could be wrong if you have a vaginal odor and quite a lot of creamy discharge?

it could be a yeast infection or something called bacterium vaginosis witch is a sexually transmitted disease. but the best thing to do is go get tests from a doctor because it could be serious or even potentially dangerous.

You have just finished having your periods and your breasts started itching What could be wrong?

yuuh probablee have herps

Why do you have brown discharge when you wipe?

you are wiping the wrong way. Wipe from front to back, not back to front. Going from back to front smears feces onto your vaginal area.

What could be wrong if you are a few days late on your period with nausea vomiting and tightness in the vaginal wall?


What could be wrong if 4 and a half months after a C-section you have had an extended period for 2 months with a brown discharge after the blood stopped and you also have itching?

hi, its normal to have bleeding after pregnancy as your body is getting rid of whats left over(if that makes sense,)the brown discharge either means its finishing or you may have a slight infection like thrush

What could cause a vaginal discharge. I have been to the DR and He stated there was nothing wrong. I always have a smelly clear discharge. My underwear are always nasty.?


What could be wrong if you have odorless clear and sometimes white discharge and itching around the vaginal area and intercourse is painful?

You either have a yeast infection or you may have a high acidic content in your body. See the doctor for medications. Cultured yogurt is also good for you and you should have it every day to help balance your PH level out. This area of your body is tender and you should cease having sexual intercourse until you see your doctor. You can pass on yeast infections to males.

What's wrong when your urine is cloudy and the discharge creates a foul smell?

There can be a wide variety of reasons why you pee is cloudy and that your discharge smells. One of the top reasons is vaginal infection. It's best to have this check with your doctor to identify the real underlying cause and have it treated.

What could be wrong if you have stomach cramping and sore breasts with a discharge?

You may be pregnant or your period is going to arrive.

If you are not pregnant what does it mean if you are spotting and have mucous discharge for 9 days?

There could be something wrong go to the doctors

What do you Have when you have lower pelvic pain and white discharge but no smell what could it be?

Go to the doctor something is seriously wrong

Is clear nipple discharge a sign of pregnancy?

I don't think so it could be something wrong your nipple could have a infection go to the doctors

What could be wrong if the day after your period is over you have a brown discharge that has an odor and lasts almost a week?

If the discharge is cervical mucus then its most likely caused by a infection. See your doctor

What could be wrong if you have severe itching all over your body except your genital area and your partner is now itching also?

Could be caused by anything have u changed washing powder? Could also be scabies depending on the look of the rash. I'd see ur GP so that the problem can be rectified.

You have had a vaginal discharge for a while but you just got over your period like two weeks ago why are you having this?

its just natural and it usually doesn't mean there is anthing wrong unless u hav an infection