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You could have an STD or an infection. You need to see your doctor asap to be treated.

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Can you turn left when the traffic light is green or do I have to wait for the green turning light?

Depends. If the light has a sign next to it that says 'Yield on green light' it means you can go when the light is green and there is no traffic coming from the opposite direction that could hit you. If there is no sign wait for the arrow.

What to do if the green light is not coming on of the CPU but red light is coming.but the monitor light is coming on but screen is not coming?

Get a new computer, it sounds like this one is pretty well fudged up!!!!

Why is the security light coming on in my Chevy Trailblazer?

There could be different reasons the security light is coming on in your Chevy Trailblazer. The fuse could have blown or there could be a wiring short.

When is the green lantern coming out?

Switch is On- as of June l7,20II. Beware His Power, Green Lantern"s Light!

You just had a baby about 4 weeks ago and now you have thick white discharge stuff coming out of your vagina but just had sex 3 days ago What could that be Is that normal or did I slip up during sex?

I do believe that the white discharge is normal. Your vagina cleans itself often, so the discharge can be light or heavy depending how often your vagina cleans itself.

What does a red and green light indicate when seen together at night?

Sail boat is coming at you

Do most plants appear green because chlorophyll absorbs green light?

Its more of it reflects green light, but you could say absorbs Sorry, but that answer is wrong, the truth is that Chlorophyll absorbs most of colors in light but not green. plants look green because chlorophyll reflects green light.

Could a plant grow in green light only?

No, this is because when you see a green plant, it is green because the plant is absorbing all light in the spectrum except for green. A plant will not use green light to power photosynthesis and the plant will die

What insect is light green with antenae and long thin green wings?

A green lacewing could be quite possible

Can the crankshaft sensor be bad if the check engine light is not coming on?

It could be bad with out turning the light on.

What do green and white lights on another boat tell you when boating at night?

The vessels head is toward you, the green light is the starboard running light, the white light is the masthead light Actually since the red and green nav lights must be seen at an angle of 135 degrees from bow to aft of amidships and a stern light also is seen at least 135 degrees you could be behind and to starboard. If the white light is high off the water then it is most likely coming at you.

What is green light The Great Gatsby?

The green light the Great Gatsby sees is the light coming from a Daisy's house across the water. This is significant because it foreshadows Gatsby's connection with Daisy as well has the feelings he harbors for her.

How can the light on my GFCI outlet be on when there is no power coming to the outlet?

The pilot light in a GFCI is an indication that the receptacle is hot, maybe they should add a red pilot light to indicate that no power is coming out of the outlet and green when power is available.

What is Stale green light?

A stale green light means that the green traffic light cycle has almost ended and will change to yellow at any moment. One way to tell if it is a stale green is to look at the pedestrian crossing light, if it is flashing do not walk or is solid do not walk it could be a stale green.

Do green walls absorb green light and reflect all other light?

Its the other way around. Green walls only reflect green, and that's how we see them as green walls. My answer could change depending on what type of green it is.

What color is a blue object under green light?

It is either green because the colour of light above it is the only colour it allows through like in this case Green light only lets green through or it could be cyan as blue and green make cyan but i think it would be green

What is the difference between source light and reflected light?

Source light is light coming directly from a light source/emitter (i.e. a light bulb, the sun, stars, etc.). Reflected light is light coming indirectly from the light source/emitter. That could be reflected, refracted light, etc.

Why does a green ball appear black when white light is shone through a red filter?

The "green" ball usually appears green because it absorbs any other color of light that may fall on it, but doesn't absorb green light, so any green light that falls on it bounces off of it, and reaches your eye. A red filter is red because it absorbs any other color of light that falls on it, and only the red light passes through. So there's no green light coming out of the red filter, and no light that will bounce off of a "green" object to reach your eye.

Why is the green light green?

Because a green light has a light bulb behind green plastic.

What color would a cucumber appear in green light white light and red light?

Green light - Green, White light - Green, Red light - Black

What red and green light indicate when seen together at night on a powerboat?

It means the boat is coming straight toward you.

If you see a red and green and white light on another boat what does this tell you?

Its a motor boat, coming straight against you.

Is the color green calming?

A light or pale green is supposed to be calming.A light or pale green is supposed to be calming.A light or pale green is supposed to be calming.A light or pale green is supposed to be calming.A light or pale green is supposed to be calming.A light or pale green is supposed to be calming.A light or pale green is supposed to be calming.A light or pale green is supposed to be calming.A light or pale green is supposed to be calming.

What compound is a light green powder?

I think it could be Barium sulphate if its a powder

What colors goes with lite brown?

Green could go with light brown

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