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I do know that the best thing you could do, is get yourself off to a gynae. A blood test for starters will clear any questions of pregnancy, although I think you might have noticed some oher signs of that by now. There are many conditions that affect your period, such as Poly-cystic -ovarian syndrome, fibrocytis, and emdrometrosis. Not to say that you have any of them, but this sounds like it's time to get a check up. Good luck!

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โˆ™ 2005-05-23 12:40:36
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Q: What could be wrong if you have not had your period in 6 months but the past two months you have had brown spotting for about 3 days and all tests have been negative?
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Is brown spotting normal 10 days after period?

brown spotting 10 days after period is usually ovulation spotting. this occurs from the sudden drop in hormone levels.

Is brown spotting before your period normal?


Can brown spotting be your period?

Yes it could be.

What does it mean if you are not on your period but you see brown spotting?

your about to get your period soon

If you have brown spotting before you get your period does that mean you are pregnant?

No, you can also be spotting when you ovulate.

If you get brown spotting a couple of days then no spotting does that mean that you are going to get your period soon?


Is brown spotting considered the last period for pregnancy?


Is brown spotting after your period normal?

yes it is normal

You have not had a period for 6 months but on Tuesday and Wednesday you had a pink brown spotting which stopped after these two days What is this?

ok you need to get a pregnancy test, the pink brown spotting can be an indication of different things. you need to see your doctor for more information.

Brown spotting at the end of period?

Dead blood cells

Brown spotting and cramps two weeks after period?


Could I be pregnant if I was due to have my period had it for a day stopped and now I'm spotting brown Pregnancy test was negative but have all physical pregnancy symptoms.?

That's a classic sign. You could be. A lot of time people think that it there period and months later find out ther months pregnant that why the doctor always ask when was your last normal period

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