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If you have felt that pain, how did you get rid of it? Well, it all started 8 months ago when I did something I thought was proactive but back fired and taught me the value of ... if it ain't broke, don't fix it if it. Well, my health plan was expiring and I decided to replace two 20 year old fillings, as a preventative measure, just to get some newer fillings while I had the insurance. Ever since they refilled that tooth, I've had nothing but pain. After the first refilling, I called and complained to the dentist that I still felt pain 6 months later. He took an extra and said he found a hairline fracture and that it needed refilling. I then asked if it would be covered, since the filling they replaced cracked. The dentist finally decided he would refill it for free. Well, I thought it just needed to be refilled. Well, he refilled it, and I thought the pain would go away. Instead, I got worse pain, more intense, and in my jaw and near ear and headaches, all on the same side as where the dental work was done. I then called back 6 weeks later and said I'm still having pain only it's worse and now I'm getting dizziness. He said to come in right away, since he thought would be an absyss, where he said it might need to be drained and I should be given antibiotics. I went in and he took an xray and, he said, the tooth cracked again. Well, I was so tired and in pain, I didn't have the courage to ask it it would again be covered, and just went in 2 days ago. He xrayed it and said he found yet another crack and it should be drilled and refilled. Well, here it is just 2 days later and the same pain is back where it is a constant, nagging pain around the tooth and below the ears where your ears sound like you're listening to the inside of a conch shell. So I'm not going to wait, but I'm going to call him right away and let him know the pain is still there. It feels to me like nerve damage. It feels like each time he drills, he drills further and has damaged the nerve. Even this last time when he drilled, it hurt very much when he was drilling, I could tell he hit the nerve 3 times. It seems like a few problems... the amalgamn used is weak and keeps cracking. And it seems like I've gotten and continue to get some nerve damage, with each drilling. Has anyone encountered this, and what is the best way to correct for this. Will it go away on it's own? Do I need to pull the tooth and get a bridge. Is the dentist At Fault for damaging my nerve. He did admit some responsibility/fault when he did a follow up for free. But the last time he told me, you know this crack is in a different place in the tooth where I was drilling, so it may not be related to the work that was done. So I'm guessing he doesn't want to do free dental work until this is resolved. It sounds like my symptoms are like those who have had root canals and extractions. I've never heard of anyone having this pain from a filling (or in my case 3 in the same tooth in 8 months). Any suggestions, advice, how to get rid of the pain. I don't want to do any more re-fillings and am now afraid to go back to the quacko dentist, since I get more pain after each refilling. Your dentist is a quack and you should see another dentist. Ask your friends who their dentists are and try one. It sounds as if the tooth did have an abscess and he didn't bother to check out the tooth properly and just kept filling it. Teeth can get thin and weak and this seems to be the case for you. This tooth probably needs to be pulled. By the way, if you paid ANY money more than once for that cracked tooth you make him give that money back to you! Good luck

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Q: What could be wrong if you have pain below the ear and sometimes jaw and dizziness following a tooth filling?
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