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X-rays wouldn't really show much. When I had an X-ray done of my neck it showed the curve of my neckbone being backwards. So I was set up with a MRI to see if I had a herniated disk. The MRI showed degenerative disc disease and a bulging disk. A X-ray won't show those things. It may be disks that are pressing on nerves. I have all of your symptoms and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by three family doctors and a reumetologist. I do notice that when I take sinus pills that my symptoms are few. Don't know why. You should ask to see a rheumetologist or a neurologist.

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Is it possible to have a sinus infection with horrible headaches that doesn't show up on CT scans and if so how could it be detected?

If the headaches are as horrible as you say, no. When the sinuses are infected they produce mucus which creates the pressure which creates the headaches. On xrays (or CTs) normal sinuses look dark gray or black, when there is an infection it is white. Very hard to mistake. Headaches have to be from something else. Keep looking.

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