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What could be wrong if you have stomach cramping and sore breasts with a discharge?

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You may be pregnant or your period is going to arrive.

2006-08-05 23:05:45
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3 weeks 2 days sore tender breast and milky discharge from left breast mild cramping could I be pregnant?

yes you could. im pregnant as we speak and before i foumd out i was, my breasts were sore i had a sticky white discharge comming out of my breasts and cramping. i waited a month and the test came out positive.

My period isn't due for another 3 days but I've had some light cramping and sore breasts could you be pregnant?

It could just be PMS. Many women experience cramping and sore breasts before their periods.

Could discharge and cramping occur if I am pregnant?

Discharge and cramping can occur during pregnancy, particularly during the first and third trimesters. However, they can also be signs that your period is about to arrive. Pregnancy cramping shouldn't be too painful or be accompanied by heavy bleeding

Could you be pregnant if you missed your period and have slight cramping and secretions and tender breasts?

Yes its possible you could be pregnant.

Brown discharge and cramping Is this implantation cramping?

it deffinatly sounds like it, however, I had a period that started off that way. If you have missed a pill that could be the reason why

What to do if you are cramping real bad in your stomach?

if your stomach is cramping real bad you could either be pregnant or drank too much but either way i suggest you go see a doctor and get it checked out

I am 9 days late and some cramping sore breasts could you be pregnant?

Yes. Take a test

If one is experiencing pre-menstrual symptoms such as tender breasts and cramping could they be pregnant?


You took Plan B 72 hours after intercourse One week later you had brown and red discharge with clots and cramping Breasts are still sore Could you be pregnant?

The bleeding you described is normal and is not pregnancy related. No chance of pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you have tender breasts but no discharge?

You could be. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period

What could it mean cramping and brown discharge after period?

cramps after a period are a regular thing. But having brown discharge?? You should probaly go see a doctor about it.

What could it be if you always have gas and sometimes stomach cramping with it?

You have bad wind go see a doctor

Could I be pregnant if my last period was about a month and a half to two months ago have cramping my breasts hurt I'm bloated it feels really hard my stomach hurts i feel sick n im tired?

yup! sorry!

Can you have a miscarriage if you have pains in your stomach in your first month of pregnancy?

Pain that is heavy cramping and accompanied by bloody discharge or bleeding like having a period could indicate a miscarriage. It is difficult to tell that early in a pregnancy unless you have a doctor's exam.

Could you be pregnant if you have very bad stomach pains and your breasts are sore?


Did you miscarry if you tested positive for pregnancy but lost the tenderness in your breast and have been cramping?

I would not stress about it. My breasts are only tender for a few days and then that goes away. As for the cramping, it could have been implantaion cramping which would not last long either.

Could you be pregnant if you are on birth control but you are cramping really bad and have diarrhea?

You probably just have stomach bug

Hi your period is a month late and due roughly today but all you keep getting is a light brown discharge and bad cramping your breasts are also swollen with veins what could this mean?

Your probably just pregnant. check what your eating and try to sit in a relaxing position

Brown discharge cramping?

It could mean you are pregnant or it can be a brought on period from stress. One time I had a brown discharge and was cramping. When I went to the doctor, it turned out that it was a period that was induced from my stressing to much about school and life in general. The doctor told me that my system was clearing out the access drying blood.

10 day late period some cramping and brownish discharge tiredness and once in awhile upset stomach last day patch was used was feb 4 2007 and last period was feb 7 2007 could you be pregnant?


I am about 4 days late on period have excessive creamy discharge with a sweet odor cramping bloating crying could I be pregnant?


Cramping white vaginal discharge right after your period could it be an std its been 10 after my period negative pregnancy test?

You have aids... maybee

Could i be having a miscarriage if I'm 7 weeks pregnant with some cramping and slight brownish discharge?

Possible go see a doctor.

Is cramping sign of constipation?

It could be. But you may just have a sore stomach. Eat some fruit to get rid of it or have some painkillers.

If you have sore nipple's cramping and discharge could you be pregnant?

could be...unfortunately, these are also symptoms of PMS. Wait until you're a week late for your period, then test. All the best!