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It depends on a lot of things. If you are 38 years and up you could have the start of peri menopause (yes, it is true that SOME women go through their peri menopause for several years at earlier ages.) You could be nervous. Pinched nerve in the body. Poor circulation. Exercising will heat you up and you'll sweat even when it's cold. Running a fever. If it keeps up & there is no simple explanation, please see your doctor.

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Q: What could be wrong if you sweat just sitting in a cold room?
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Why do you sometimes wakeup in cold sweat?

I wake up in a cold sweat with a slight sore throat, what could be the cause?

What could be wrong if you are 18 and you have hot flashes on and off and most of the time you have to sleep with a fan on you and sometimes you are cold at the same time?

Could you be sick? Flu? Cold? How long has this been happening? Sometimes I'm cold so I load on the blankets then I start to sweat so I turn on the fan but then my sweat evaporating makes me cold again. Go figure. If this is a reaccuring thing I would visit a physician but you might be coming down with something.

How do you sweat out a cold?

it can't be sweat out you fool

How many calories are lost per bead of sweat?

There is absolutely no way to measure that because they are not at all related. You can sweat by sitting in a hot room and not moving (hardly any calories burned), and you can burn tons of calories by shivering or swimming in a cold lake (hardly any sweat).

Why do you sweat even when you're cold?

It is usually because of what you are feeling, or you tend to sweat.

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Does cold water open your skin pores?

No. The pores are the openings of the sweat glands. In heat you sweat and so open the pores. In cold you do the opposite.

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Cold Blooded animals are unable to sweat and typically do not pant. They usually cool in water, shade or the ground.

Why do you get cold after you exercise?

the sweat cools you off but then you are wet and you may get too cold.

How do you control sweat?

You stay in a cold area and eat cold drinks and food

What is the different between hot and cold climate?

hot - it is hot and you sweat. cold - it's cold and you can freeze.

What is wrong if cats nose is cold?

Cat's noses are supposed to be cold and wet. If they're noses are warm and dry, that could be a problem. ;)

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Cold-blooded animals cannot sweat, for instance.

Why does wind feel cold on your skin?

actually wind is not cool........ its the sweat on our body make us feel it cold. bcoz sweat gets evaporated when wind flows.

Lower bowel pain dry mouth cold-sweat and extreme weakness?

These could be symptoms of flu or even food poisoning.

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he's probably dead

Why do you feel cold after taking hot water bath?

The hot water on your skin opens your pores, and makes you sweat. The sweat evaporates, taking body heat away - making you feel cold. When your body is cold - you shiver.

Can you catch a cold by sitting in a draft?

Yes, I can.

What do symptoms of sweat chills fatigue headache and nausea mean?

It could be the flu or maybe a coldU r sickfor those experts out there, is it the flu?

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How does your body maintains Homeostasis?

If you are cold, you shiver if you are hot, you sweat

Should your baby sweat his cold out? should take it to a doctor.