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Chances are You threw a tire out of balance by losing a wheel weight, bent the rim or even the steel belt inside the tire. You should have you tires re-balanced and they can tell if you threw a weight, bent a rim or even or ruined a tire. This has happened to me before all three incidents at different times.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-22 19:54:50
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Q: What could be wrong if you went over a bump in the road and now your car shakes but smooths out above 30MPH?
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Why do your Monte Carlo shakes while driving?

Could be a number of reasons: Worn-out shocks, wheels out of balance, worn-out tires (or all of the above)

98 Plymouth neon shakes when in idle and when you take off from a red light the var runs very slow when you accelerate for a little over a minute then picks upat 30mph what could that be?

could be a vacuum leak or needs a tune up such as pcv valve plugs and wires along with new cap and rotor

What could cause a car to shake at 20mph to 30mph then stop at higher speeds?

Could be wheel balance.

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Do u mean that the car shakes as you are driving, or just that the engine shakes when it is at idle ? Could use more info.

Just changed a tire on a 93 Taurus car and steering wheel shakes when above 30 mph what could this be?

you need to balance the tires or thelug nuts are loose

Why won't jeep go over 30?

Assuming you're talking about 30mph....could be the timing belt.

Why my 73vw bettle shakes so mouch?

There could be a few reasons on why a 73 VW Bettle shakes. It could be because the transmission is messing up or the spark plugs are going bad in it.

What could be a problem with 88 supra that shakes a lot and lets white smoke out?

blown head gasket.. possibly warped or cracked head now too. shakes a lot because loss of compression due to any of the above. when replacing head gasket be sure to have head checked out and resurfaced.

Front end shakes on 94 z71 4x4?

depends on when it shakes if it shakes when you put on the brakes-warped rotors otherwise it could be ball joints, steering joints, wheel bearings or even out of balance tires

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Car shakes when driving?

If your car shakes only when your going a certain speed, it is most likely resonance. Which means your wheel weights are off, or maybe you dont have any. But if it always shakes, it could be a bent rim. The final option, is something else, it could be many different things

Brand new 4x4 with new 4 inch suspension lift. At 50 mph when braking it shakes and smooths out when it slows down. Any suggestions?

PROBABLY a warped brake rotor, but there could be other problems that cause that. make sure that all your suspension components are torqed to specs. you can get the specs from the lift kit manufacturer. get your alignment checked.

Why does your steering wheel shakes at 80 kmh?

could be bad alignment

Car shakes when steering left around corner?

If your car shakes when you turn left, this could be a number of things. It could be the alignment, suspension, or something else. It's best to get it checked out right away.

2001 forester at higher speeds above 45 mph it shakes pretty well could it be the driveshaft?

could be tires, unbalanced wheels, bad u joint, bad ball joint, bad cv joint, or loose suspension bolts.

What could be the problem if your car shakes a little bit?

You have a tire out of balance. Have all 4 tires balanced and rotated. If it still shakes have the motor mounts inspected.

Engine shakes when idle?

Probably a misfire, it could be in need of a tune up.

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Mine doesn't, but if yours does, it could be due to warped rotor (if it shakes when you are breaking) or unbalanced/unevenly worn tires. Could also be a broken or missing engine mount (if it shakes all the time).

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