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What could be wrong if your dogs haven't peed in the house in five years but now they have for the last two weeks?

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2009-07-18 05:09:38

== == Some dogs (especially small ones) are extremely sensitive

to change. If a couple are getting their home renovated, painting,

moving furniture around or even putting up the Christmas tree,

having a lot of people over at one time it can make pets nervous

(more so as they get older ... just like some people.) It's best to

scold the dog by saying "shame" and putting them outside to do

their business and bringing them right in again. Then it's

extremely important that sometime during your day (make the time)

have play time with your dogs and get back on a more even keel.

Your dog could have a bladder or kidney problem. Take it to the

Vet. Yes go to vet, is your dog getting older? have bad back legs

or hips? The dog could be a diabetic also, especially if the dog is

laying down and when the dog gets up there is a pee spot, from high

blood sugar a diabetic dog will get rid of the excess sugar that

way, i don't think they even realize they are leaking the urine,

and at times when they do know it after they get up they will start

to lick it up either they know they were bad or its the sugar in

the urine. Both previous answers are fine but I would like to add

that in case your dog is young and a visit to the vet proves it to

be in perfect health, you should also know that sometimes a dog

might pee inside for "revenge". If you did something that caused

stress to your dog, even if you didn't realise, e.g. left him alone

for a few hours (even if he\she is used to being alone for some

hours everyday) but if something happened on that particular day at

the time it was alone and got them scared that could cause them to

pee inside to get back at you. So what I'm saying is that if you

exclude any bladder and kidney problems they might do it on

purpose. It can be hard to find out why since the cause maybe

something that happend while you were not there or even something

that happens often but this time caused your dog to be very sad or

very scared for some reason. Answer Dogs can also have

incontinence problems where their muscle in that area cannot

contract as it used to and therfore leaks urine. Take your pet to

see the vet and they can run a urinalysis to see if there is any

bacteria, glucose, or crystals. They can also run bloodwork to test

kidney values. In terms of the incontinence problem, it is

treatable with medicine.

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