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He's getting it somewhere else or he needs to try some new medication.

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Q: What could be wrong if your husband doesn't want sex anymore?
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What does it mean when a husband cheats but doesn't feel guilty?

I guess he feels somehow his wife is doing him wrong or not putting out enough sex for him. Or it could be that he feels if she doesnt know about it, it is okay.

Is it wrong to ask your husband after you have made love if there is a problem because he doesnt last very long lately?


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you dont be her friend or his friend anymore or you advise the other boyfriend or girlfriend that she or he doesnt like him anymore Well actually the person above is very WRONG if your friend is happy with dating that person who cares you should be happy he or she is happy. Because if you were a true friend you would care about their feelings. SO WHAT!?!?! the first person must be idiotic and selfish! they ar ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!! so wrong, i dont think you could get anymore wrong! It doesn't and shouldn't matter as long as they are happy.

What if you haven't seen your boyfriend for 3 weeks due to both of you going on holiday and before you went everything was fine but when you get back he decides its not working any more?

You can't keep a healthy relationship if one doesnt feel the same anymore. You could ask what you have done wrong and ask him if you can fix it but in the end if he says that he just doesnt want the relationship anymore, you are going to have to respect that. You havent done anything wrong, you BOTH went on holiday.

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the road

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Fuse. Also did you have it on full blast? That might do it.

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She didnt belive people could be fixed once they were wrong,

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Is it wrong to love a married man?

Not really because it doesnt matter who you love who knows he could feel the same way

Why shy girls hang up when a boy talk to her?

It could be for a number of reasons. One could be because she is afraid that she will say the wrong thing and make him not like her anymore.

How come you can like a guy but when you find out that he likes you you dont like him anymore and you dont like him anymore but he likes you then when you know he doesnt like you anymore you like him?

this is because we want what we can't have and when we have what we want we get bored and don't want it. and if someone says you can't, have something you want it more to prove they are wrong.

How do you address and envelope to a Cantor and her husband?

My personal preference would be: "Cantor Mary and Mr. John Smith" . I could be wrong.

Your 1991 ford ranger oil pressure gauge doesnt work what could be wrong?

Bad oil pressure sending unit?

Husband had an emotional affair with co-worker and still works with her?

ANSWER:Did your husband had physical affair with this woman? If he did I think it's time for you to put your feet out there and tell him what is wrong with your relationship together. If he don't comply with you, then talk to that woman he work with and be person who do cares about you not wanting for her to connect with your husband anymore because he is not being honest with you.

What does it mean when you Dream husband is beating you?

it means that you have the wrong definition of a "dream husband"

What could be wrong with me if I don't want sex anymore and I am only 18?

well it could be that u had so much sex already in ur lifetime that u just dont feel the pleasure anymore It could also mean that you finally grew up and decided to exercise some self control.

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because your code could be wrong or it just doesnt work try a different one

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It's normal. But no... it is not wrong at all.

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i pretty sure i have the spring hooked up wrong but cant figure out. basically the resistance come from the jam in the machine which one has to overcome.

Why Even though your husband hasn't cheated can he not be in love anymore really what is wrong with you?

Some people just lose that spark. The excitement wears off, and they see the faults and niggles that they didn't notice before.

Why doesn't my family love me anymore I didn't do anything wrong?

Maybe because you did something wrong.