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Have you taken a pregnancy test?


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You cannot change the color of your nipples

Some people have them, some people don't. You can;t make your nipples pink if they aren't naturally that colour.

There isn't one. its ok if you have brown or pink it doesnt really matter.

Yes swelling does occur when you/someone has a pink eye

yes they can but they wont be as big as a pregnant cat and they will be like a very light pink cause a pregnant cats nipples are very pink and big .

i personally like brown nipples they are more appealing (they turn me on) but you have to be tan.

as saif is his he use to suck her nipples. that"s why it appears pink.

Without examination, there could be a number of causes. Common ones to consider are 1) trauma to the eye, and 2) allergic reaction (usually by rubbing the eye, after an irritant has been touched by the hands.

If it's swollen shut, my guess is conjunctivitis (pink eye).

It is very wrong to dye a cheetah pink.

Pink eye can cause cattle to go blind...if it looks infected or swollen it could possibly be pink eye

Men loved to see, touch, lick nipples. Pink nipples look fresh and young, dark nipples look exotic and sexy. When men have sex it's arousing to have a pair of great boobs in their face. The color and size - to each his own. Personally - small, black nipples, i.e. on a beautiful latina :P

I think it's Red Boss. But i could be wrong.

A womans nipples can range in color from the palest pink to a real dark brown. It is mostly a matter of genetics.

Old nipples are dark brown and rather wrinkly whereas young nipples are pink or very light brown, plump and wrinkle-free!

suck em til they turn pink baby

Pink eye is contagious for as long as symptoms are present. If the eye is still red, swollen, and teary, you can catch pink eye.

go see a vet it is swollen from squeezing out poo

What kind of question is this?? I think they do!!!! I hope that helps you.

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