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You have a main sewer line stoppage and you need to have your drain pipe roto-rootered.

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Q: What could be wrong if your toilet looks like something exploded out of it and it didn't overflow from the looks of it but it sprayed sewer waste all over the walls and how do you fix this?
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Can adjacent toilet clog cause your toilet to overflow?

Yes, you can adjust the toilet clog to clause your toilet to overflow.

How high does the toilet overflow pipe need to be?

How high does the toilet overflow pipe need to be in a standard residential toilet?

How do you overflow a toilet?

by clogging it and then taking the stopper out of the back and it will flush continously and it will overflow.

What causes toilet to over flow?

A toilet will overflow when there is a blockage in the drain.

I juts had bloody diarrhea my toilet exploded what do i do?


What could cause occasional overflow of toilet with septic tank?

wrong stuff placed in the toilet

Could a toilet overflow because the lid is broken?


What is 'Your toilet did not overflow today' when translated from English to Italian?

"Your toilet did not overflow today!" in English is Il tuo gabinetto non ha fatto troppopieno oggi! in Italian.

Why Overflow pipe leaking?

An overflow pipe on a (toilet cistern?) will leak if the rubber disc in the ballcock slide valve needs to be replaced.

Why didn't the overflow tube prevent an overflow when the float fell off?

your water pressure/volume is to much for the overflow to handle.after repair try to turn shut off valve under toilet to slow water fill in tank.test by holding down float while refilling toilet.

Why does the toilet overflows when shower is running?

Well if you can take a shower and use the toilet at the same time, you either installed the toilet in the shower or you are extremely flexible. This question is a can of worms because if the toilet and the shower are in the same bathroom and while the shower is running and someone flushes the toilet and the toilet overflows but the shower drain does not back up then its something in the line of the toilet before it ties into the shower , another way would be is with out proper venting of the toilet like lets say the shower drain when running is clogging the vent for the toilet then it possible for the toilet to overflow and have the shower drain fine. I personally never seen a toilet overflow when flushing it when a shower is running on the same floor and yet when the shower is off the toilet flushes normal.

Why does toilet overflow when using washing machine?

You need your septic tank cleaned out.

Why do toilets overflow?

the toilet overflows if either the building sewer, branch line in your sewer system or trap in your toilet gets clogged.

Why would an American Standard toilet overflow after you flush?

Clogged drain or toilet. Also check the vent holes under the rim and clean the out.

Is Toilet water overflow on floor dirty?

If it is coming from the tank: NO. If it coming from the bowl: YES!

Can the clownfish survive a box jellyfish sting?

no it cant cuase it sprayed the toilet with its noble turd

How did the astronaut go toilet?

The astronauts sit on the toilet hooked up so a suction like a vacuum's, sucks up the urine and feces. Then the contents are sprayed out into space.

We had a toilet overflow and can't get the mold and mildew smell out please help?

dont take big dumps

Your overflow drain in spitting toilet paper and sewage out why?

It's called a CLEANOUT, and your sewer line is clogged.

What causes a toliet to overflow over the flange?

If leaking at toilet flange, wax ring needs replaced.

What would cause a toilet to overflow?

Which part, the tank or the bowl? If it's the tank, you have a problem with a restriction between the tank and the bowl. If it's the bowl, you have an obstruction in either the neck of the toilet or the drain pipe below the toilet.

What special problems did neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have while going to the sea of tranquility?

The toilet exploded!

Does 90 percent alcohol not diluted kill germs if sprayed into the air for example if sprayed immediately after flushing toilet?

No. To act as an antiseptic the concentration of alcohol needs to be high, spraying it into the air will not suffice.

How would a toilet overflow without being flushed?

Mail sewer line is plugged, other fixtures discharging into the plugged line forcing water back up the toilet.

What does the hose that goes from the toilet valve to the overflow do?

That device is called the refill tube. This allows water to go down the overflow tube to refill the water closet bowl while the tank is filling.