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Check that the sparkplugs are the right one listed for the bike. If that is not the problem, check your fuel mixture, it may be too lean causing the engine to run hotter than it should. If that's ok then check your ign timing.


Could be running your gas oil mixture too heavy


the plug wet? you could be flooding too, clean needle valve and seat.

Have you noticed any power loss. Rings maybe starting to fail

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Q: What could be wrong when constantly fouling plugs on a 2-stroke engine?
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Your sled keeps fouling plugs but everything in the ignition checks out what else could be wrong?

If you own a sled that has a two-stroke engine, your plugs may be fouling due to your oil to gas ratio mixture or your carburetor is running too rich and needs to be adjusted or rebuilt.

What could cause the cooling fan to run constantly on a 1996 Pontiac sunfire GT with a 2.4 engine?

If the AC is on constantly, the fan will be on constantly. If that's not it, it mught be the fan relay or the temperature sensor.

Why is your dirt bike fouling plugs?

I have a kx 250 dirt bike that keeps fouling plugs on start up. I rejetted it but that still didn't solve the problem. What could be the Problem?

Why does red oil light stay on constantly?

This is an indication that there is not sufficient oil in the engine ! Driving could cause the engine to cease, in the worst case it would then be scrap.

What is the problem if a 95 Honda Accord is constantly shaking and the check engine light comes on?

The problem could be many things. With the check engine light coming on, it could be an internal issue in the engine, or broken engine mounts causing the vibrations. The shaking could also be caused by a separate issue from the engine, including a loose tire, or an out of balance tire, or bad suspension.

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Why does spark plug keep fouling on Kodiak 400 ATV?

it could be a bad spark plug wire or the plug could be gapped to much

What happen when you drive a car with too much oil?

It will burn the oil until the level drops to 'normal.' Could also cause spark plug fouling (getting gunk in the path of the spark) and other damage to the inside of the engine.

What could be making the 350 engine in my 1994 Chevy caprice skip?

It's called a misfire... or random multiple misfire. It can be cause by a number of things. check your spark plugs for fouling, your spark wires for breaks or cracks in the rubber, your distributor, or your fuel injectors... it could be a tricky prob. or it could be easy as pie to fix...

What could cause a 350 Chevy engine with a eldabrock to burn rich causing gas fumes constantly entering the cab.?

you need to tune the carburettor

Why would a 49fcc 2 stroke engine bog out at full throttle?

this could be a number of reasons it could be your mixture screw or it could be running lean or rich the best thing to is a plug chop see what colour it is if its black and oily its running rich if its white its runing lean also if its running lean your engine will sound flat and could course it to seize or the main jet could be to big or to small its always best to over jet a a 2stroke and work down till you feel the engine getting better hence the bog going away hope this helps

Why is the check engine light constantly on in 2000 Chevy suburban?

it could be a short or anti-pollution devices filters etc. check the vacuum on the charcoal cannister. 65;

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Could you use ngk-buhw spark plug instead of ngk-buhw-2 spark plug in your 1996 mercury outboard engine?

funny this should pop up i just read about this, it will run with the buhw but they don't fire as hot as the buhw-2 due to a shorter distance for spark to jump, this could lead to premature fouling. if your engine calls for the buhw-2, i would stick with them

Why does your 86 Nissan 720 pickup keep fouling out spark plugs after you changed out the carburetour?

it could be piston rings letting oil get on them it happened to mine

What could cause an otherwise good running new engine with only 400 miles to start fouling all 8 plugs and smoke light grey or blue after having the holes in the header collectors welded?

possible burn valve seals if hetters wore welded on engin

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What would cause a 1999 Chrysler cirrus to stall at different speeds?

check your spark plugs they could fouling up or gummed up enough to spark for a while then as they heat up become worse. a lot of common problems with engine stalling can be directly related to plugs or coil etc.

Will your car run with a blown head gasket?

Almost any engine will run with a blown head gasket. Having said that: NO engine was ever meant to run with a blown head gasket!!!! Several things could be happening simultaneously while the engine is running: coolant could be entering the oil pan, causing a loss of friction protection, destroying the bearing surfaces of the major rotating members; oil could be entering the cooling system, seriously diluting the coolant, reducing it's ability to remove heat from the engine; third, oil and/or coolant could be entering the combustion chambers, fouling the spark plugs (inhibiting ignition spark), and forming unwanted unburned deposits on the pistons, cylinder walls, and compression rings, causing accelerated wear to all moving parts. DO NOT OPERATE AN ENGINE believed to have a blown head gasket---it will destroy the engine.

What will cause a 89 Camaro rs to keep getting oil on the plugs and fouling them out?


I have a 77 280z with fuel injection and im getting gas in the oil whats causing it?

Look to see if your plugs are fouling. If they are fouling in specific cylinders, the cylinders may be flooding. If it floods enough, it'll either go out your exhaust, or into your crankcase. Could be a stuck open injector, broken fpr....definitely a fuel system management issue.

How many cylinders does a Chrysler cirrus have?

The engine could be a four or six cylinder.The engine could be a four or six cylinder.

What would cause carbon foul on spark plugs on a 1967 Chevy truck?

Carbon Fouling of Spark PlugsUsually spark plug carbon fouling is caused by either the fuel mixture [ratio of fuel to air] is too rich [too much fuel], OR it could be that crankcase oil is getting into the combustion chambers [cylinders].Crankcase oil fouling is most often caused by either worn or broken "oil" rings on the piston, or on overhead valve engines, worn out valve-stem guides.

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If the check engine light is not on and the engine does not turn over can it still mean the engine is lock up?

Could be locked up, starter could be bad, computer could be dead,.....................