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There is a fusebox in the engine compartment, check the fuse called TNS. It should be a 30 amp box-style fuse. If that fuse is ok, there is also a relay (grey box) called TNS. Switch this box out with another one of the same size, like the horn. If neither of these do it, check the 2 fuses for your taillights, they are also connected to your dash lights. Tre

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โˆ™ 2006-05-30 14:50:36
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Q: What could be wrong when the dash lights and tail lights of a 2000 Kia Sephia go out and all fuses are fine?
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If your parking lights and dash lights are out and it is not the fuses what could be wrong?

The Headlight switch is where the dash receives it's power from.

What could be wrong with the dash board lights if it is not the fuses?

check your wiring for your lights under the dash or a bad ground

On a 2005 Chevrolet Malibu the instrument lights are not working and the fuses are fine. What could be wrong?

Check the panel lights resistor switch and be sure that they are not turned off.

What could be wrong with your tail lights if the fuses are good?

Bad bulbs ?- they are double filamented with the larger being for the tailights Bad switch?

Your 1988 corvette rear lights are out the brake lights work whats wrong fuses r good?

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Why wont your reverse lights come on with new bulbs and fuses?

you could have possibly bought the wrong bulbs and/or fuses. or when you were replacing them you may have damaged the wires. Also the reverse light switch may be defective.

Whats wrong when all the lights work except the brake lights and the fuses and bulbs are good and the outside cab brake light works?

If all the fuses and bulbs are new and work properly, the lights could be malfunctioning due to a short in the wiring. The wiring may also be damaged or burned out in places.

Whats wrong no tail lights on a 94 Concorde all other lights work and fuses are good?

there broke there broke

Your driving lights on your 2000 Gold Wing stopped working all of a sudden What could be wrong The fuses are fine?

Check wiring harnesses - prone to corrosion

What is wrong when the dash lights do not come on also my tail lights don't work Fuses are all good flashers brake lights and turn signels work Just no tail lights or dash lights?

It is either a bad relay , cut wire or the wrong wattage bulb .

What could possibly be wrong you have a 1999 excel 3 you have no rear brake lights all fuses are fine you turn all lights on the work but no brake lights what could possibly be wrong?

Check to see that the wiring is still in good shape and that they are all connected. As my previous car aged, this was a problem. Also, check the bulbs and their sockets. Sometimes they are dirty or no longer seat probably.

What is wrong with a 1996 Honda Accord if the parking lights and dash lights are out but the fuses and bulbs are OK?

either the switch is not working or a wire to the switch is broken

Why would the tail lights and dash lights not work on a 99 Honda Accord if all the other lights work including the brake light?

Answercheck the fusesAnswerTHanks for the reply.I took it to DOBBS and they checked it and said the fuses are good. They advised to take it to the Honda Dealer.I dont know what else could be wrong. im having the same problem but check the switch

What could be wrong if your Ford Fiesta rear lights and dashboard lights are not working Have tried a new indicator stalk but it blows the wiper fuses?

First. It sounds like you have some wires in the wrong place. At no time should anything you do concerning your rear lights affect your wipers. You also probably have a short circuit or a broken wire somewhere.

1985 Chevrolet astro van tail lights out dome light out brake lights out what's wrong and what do you fix complicated?

check your fuses, likely culprit

What is wrong when no brake lights and all other lights work 2004 dodge stratus?

I tried all the fuses, the parts that under the brakes I checked that. All lights come on and working except the brake lights no break lights.

If the dash lights went out and it is not the fuse because some of the lights like the seatbelt light come on what is wrong?

from what i know there are separate fuses for the left side lights and the right side lights so it might be a fuse

What could be wrong with your car if the lights work but tha brake and tail lights won't work?

Check the bulbs Check socket for power and ground Check wiring to rear light sockets check the fuses There could be issues with the inside of your car an I would recommend going to the mechanic

My Saturn taillights and brake lights don't work what is wrong?

Check your fuses both inside the cab and under the hood

What is wrong with a 2002 Pt Cruiser Touring Edition if the headlights tail lights parking lights and lock system all stopped working at the same time?

Check all you fuses that is a good possibility that's what wrong.

What could be wrong with the backup lights if is not the fuses or bulbs?

Try checking the neutral safety switch. This switch is the one in automatic transmissions that makes the backup lights "flip" on when going from park to drive as you go through the gears. When my neutral safety switch shorted my backup lights stayed on constantly.

The dash lights are out and the fuses are all good so what could be wrong on a 1997 Ford Expedition?

You might want to check or replace your dash dimmer light switch. I found this to cause either no dash lights or intermittent lights. Check the fuse box under the hood. The fuse you need is under the hood.

What could be wrong with the electrical system of a 1986 Honda Accord if the lights do not work unless connected directly to battery?

Assuming you mean headlights?? Check the stalk switch check the light relay Check the fuses

What could be wrong with the rear defroster and windshield wiper on a 2001 Chevrolet Blazer?

Check your fuses.

What is wrong if sparks came out when you plugged a cell phone charger in a 1992 Silverado and now the radio and interior lights don't work but none of the fuses are blown?

I think there are fuses for power under the hood also..

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