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What could be wrong when the maintenance required light comes on in a 1998 civic ex?

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.........................ANYTHING THE COMPUTER IS HOOKED TO CAN TURN ON THE LIGHT..................................... The M.I.L.(Maintenance Indicator Light) is a version of the same thing known as a S.E.S.(Service Engine Soon) light, and is a means whereby an abnormal condition which the onboard computer has detected causes a visual signal to the operator to show. Whenever the computer receives a signal from a sensor that is out-of-range from its programming, this lamp will illuminate; and, so long as the condition persists, and does not correct itself, the light will stay lit--- depicting that a 'hard code' has set in computer memory. Whenever a scan-tool is hooked to the diagnostic link in the vehicle, the primary reason is to 'read the codes'; which, interpreted, means extracting the recorded code numbers for the purpose of identifying what the computer has detected, in order to isolate a problem condition and effect a proper repair. When this light comes on, it is a sign that something has occurred which the computer 'thinks' is wrong. The reason for the computer to 'think' this may be a legitimate problem; or, some condition which IS normal(but unanticipated) may have caused it. For example: If the Oxygen sensor is reading high or low, this could indicate a vacuum leak, a fuel problem, a wiring problem, a clogged air filter, an exhaust leak, high fuel pressure, a bad sensor, etc.; and, if the variation in signal from this sensor is small, the same code could set. The light would come on. And, the 'problem' may be that the driver is making little use of the accelerator, traveling on level road, on a highway, at constant speed, in the middle of the night. This would keep the oxygen sensor's voltage in the same range for a period of time not normally seen. The range is a GOOD range; but, the fact that it is out of the norm by virtue of a time factor would set a code. In such a case, the computer was 'fooled'. This is why it is important to have the codes read by someone who can make the determination whether the codes are a sign of trouble or not; and, what kind of trouble may be showing up in the displaying of certain codes.

2006-08-14 06:28:37
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What could a maintenance required light be indicating on a acura tl 2000?

Depending on the mileage on the car, there are some maintenance requirements to be done by you, or the car dealer. The maintenance light will stay "on" until these maintenace issues are completed. Your owner's manual also tells you how to reset the maintenance light, and outlines the maintenance required per the mileage on the car.

2004 Honda Civic EX and the Maintenance Required lights is on what does it exactly mean?

That means you have to perform your regular maintenece, could mean its time for an oil change, trans flush, coolant flush, tuneup, brake flush. Anyone of those or all of them

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What could be wrong with your 2001 Honda prelude if the maintenance lights comes on?

Might be something as simple as time for an oil change.

What could be the problem when the maintenance light comes on in a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser?

because you did not trun the lights of when you closed the car

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Why would the maintenance required light come on?

If this is a newer car it could be that the maintenance light comes on at a set mileage number that the manufacturer has determined.It could be the 50,000 mile or 75,000 mile on the odometer.This is set by the manufacturer so that you bring the car in for a check up.They simply reset something and the light goes away.You should read your service manual for any info on this or call your local dealer. I have had this on a few of my cars.Hope this helps.

Why is the DRL on a 2001 Honda civic always on?

Could be a Canadian Civic(?) Could be a broken light switch on US Civic - the parking lights include a small white light on the front.

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Your 1998 Honda hx engine light is on and the maintenance required light is yellow what could it be?

the engine light requires a scanner most auto parts stores will pull the code for you. The maintenance light means you need an oil change

Where could one find maintenance tips for a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

There are many places where one could find maintenance tips for a 200 Chevy Blazer. One could check websites such as Fixya for information regarding maintenance on this vehicle.

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Why your civic running to rich?

Your civic could be running too rich because you used bad gasoline. It could also be running rich if a spark plug needs replaced.

What does maintenance required light is red on a 96 Honda accord ex?

There are several reasons this could occur. The first option would be that the oil is low or perhaps the transmission fluid is low.

When your maintenance required light pop on on uour 2000 Honda Accord what could it be?

It means there is maintenance required. More than likely it is time to change the oil/filter. Your owners manual will list the service that is needed.

You have a 2001 Honda civic ex and you have tried all to turn the maintenance req'd light off it will not go off key on odd reset and odd reset and turn on the key disconnecting the battery help?

so you have to turn the key on but don't start the engine youll see the mtn required light on then hold the odometer reset button for about 30 seconds until you see the mnt required light turn off then start the car and the problem is solved! hope i could help!

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Your blower in your 2001 Honda Civic suddenly stopped working what could be wrong?

The blower in my 2001 Honda Civic did not stop working.

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What are the symptoms of a bad muffler of a 96 Honda civic?

A bad muffler on a 96 civic could cause loud exhaust noise. The muffler could cause hard starting if it is stopped up.

What can cause your 1999 civic Si to cut off while riding down the road?

Your cylinders could be backfiring on you. Bring it on to a mechanic. You could also have problems with your computer. But with a civic my guess is the cylinders.

What is the year model that uses a standard transmission for a Honda Civic?

Every year Honda Civic sold could be purchased with a manual transmission.