What could be wrong when you push the accelerator and the RPMs go up but the car doesn't move?

Tranny trouble

Generally, if the engine is running and you give it gas but the car doesn't respond, you've got tranny troubles. Probably very expensive tranny troubles.

Yes indeed, very expensive transmission problems. I have a 99 mercury sable and only had it for 6 months used when i started having the same problem. First i thought, well i bought the car in Florida and moved to Ohio, so maybe being mid winter, the cold was just causing it to slip because cars get used to the way they are drivin even in environmentle circumstances. Well 3 weeks later i was paying out $1600 for a new transmission to be put in. If your car is having these problems, take it to a shop asap.....dont get stuck on the side of the interstate with the next exit being a town in ghettoville, usa!!!

Just a thought.....Transmission fluid has leaked out, transmission filter is clogged or torque converter(front pump) went bad.