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Tranny trouble

Generally, if the engine is running and you give it gas but the car doesn't respond, you've got tranny troubles. Probably very expensive tranny troubles.

Yes indeed, very expensive transmission problems. I have a 99 Mercury Sable and only had it for 6 months used when i started having the same problem. First i thought, well i bought the car in Florida and moved to Ohio, so maybe being mid winter, the cold was just causing it to slip because cars get used to the way they are drivin even in environmentle circumstances. Well 3 weeks later i was paying out $1600 for a new transmission to be put in. If your car is having these problems, take it to a shop asap.....dont get stuck on the side of the interstate with the next exit being a town in ghettoville, usa!!!

Just a thought.....Transmission Fluid has leaked out, transmission filter is clogged or torque converter(front pump) went bad.

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Q: What could be wrong when you push the accelerator and the RPMs go up but the car doesn't move?
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What is the problem with a 1998 911 Carrera if the RPMs are revving up unusually high when you hit the accelerator?

Perhaps you have not engaged the clutch? The accelerator is designed to increase the RPMs. If you provide no resistance it will rev until it explodes.

What's wrong when your RPMs are to high?

Could be several reasons but the first one that comes to my mind is a vacuum leak.

93 cougar 6cyl Rpms rev or are unsteady in idle and drive Car dies sometimes What could cause thishad to a mechanic who says he doesnt know whats wrong with it?

possibly dirty or defective idle control valve. Tried replacing this part but no luck still :( Did the same thing as before

92 Toyota Corolla the Idle speed suddenly jumped from 1000 to 2500 rpms when put into park you adjusted the idle screw as much as possible. got it to 1800 rpms. What else can be done?

Check the timing and check that the cable to the accelerator is adjusted correctly.

When you push the accelerator down all the way on a automatic 1999 rodeo it sometimes changes to the next gear at 4500 rpms and sometimes at 5800 rpms?

Depends on position of power switch in the console by the shifter....Also depends on vehicle speed and gear you are going into

What is wrong with your Chevy 350 if it starts ticking at higher RPMS?

probably need to adjust your valves

What could be wrong when 2002 mercury villager hits about 65 and rpms go up but not speedometer.?

replace vehicle speed sensor on transmission....not an easy job due to limited room

1994 XJ6 at higher speeds in overdrive a loud roar when given rpm's or upshift to 3rd it stops it doesnt roar as long as it is given rpms shifts smoothly what could this roar be?

you farted and it stinks alot

What is wrong with a 1986 Trans Am that makes a light tick or knock in the engine when rpms get higher?

Your alternator maybe bad

What makes a car accelerate?

The more you push on the accelerator the more you increase the fuel/air mixture to the engine which will cause the engine to turn more RPMs, thus propelling the vehicle at a faster speed.

How do you shift 13speed truck trailer?

There are eight actual shifting motions, and you can "split" the top four gears. Get to your desired RPMs before upshifting, then you can either float or double clutch into the next gear. For the splitter, you simply push it forward, let off the accelerator, pause until you feel it catch, then get back on the accelerator.

What is wrong with a 1997 Integra LS that bucks in lower RPMs and feels like it is not getting enough power but you know it is getting enough fuel?

First, run a compression check. If that's not it it could be ignition or injectors.

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