Spark Plugs and Wires

What could be wrong with a 1991 Geo Storm if it has been sitting for over a year has new spark plugs new gas and a new battery but still won't turn over?

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2008-05-29 08:00:25

fireing order may be wrong or the dist. is in wrong. Although

the above sentence is true, it's not the most likely problem, in my


When you say "won't turn over," do you get a "click" from the

engine when you turn the key to the start position? Or do you get

absolutely nothing?

If you get a click but no turning, the starter isn't getting

enough current or is frozen. That could be caused by an

undercharged battery, lousy battery connections (corroded cables

etc), or poor connections on the starter cable (less likely).

If you get a click and a little bit of turning but then a "jam,"

I might suspect the firing order or distributor being wrong as

above, but you also could have a hydro-lock from gasoline in a

cylinder from a stuck open injector. This should be rare,


If you get absolutely nothing, the battery connections may be

extremely poor (or even reversed, if you just put in a new

battery), or a fuse may be blown. Check the fuse box on the

driver's side under the hood.

If the engine turns over (vigorously), but still won't start,

that's a different issue.

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