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qurstionable...not exactly positive but try u're distributor...mine's doin the same thing and I've replaced almost everythin it could be..and the only thing that was left on mine was the distr. execpt now my dumb boyfriend replaced it and got the wires crossed..and don't know in what order they go..lovely huh? like i said not for sure but try it
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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 22:56:40
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Q: What could be wrong with a 1993 Honda Accord 2.2 that backfires and runs rough?
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Where is the main relay on a Honda accord?

In hot weather my Honda Accord 2000 starts but idles rough and dies.

Your 1986 Honda Accord is idling rough and dies when you turn a corner or stop What could be causing this?

My 1986 Honda Accord Dx just started idling rough and dieing at turns and stops it is a carburated 2.0 witha maunal transmission

What causes Backfires at intake rough idle s-10 blazer?

You could have the firing order messed up.

What causes vibration in a Honda Accord?

Depends most common on older models is rough idle and or suspension starting to go.

What is wrong with a 1991 Honda accord that idles rough?

If the plugs, plug wires, are good then suspect a vacuum leak somewhere.

What type of transmission fluid for Honda Accord 2001?

Use nothing but genuine Honda ATF DW-1. Do not use any fluid that claims to be a substitute or you will have rough shifts.

How much does a master cylinder cost for a 1992 Honda Accord?

A rough estimate is any where from about $30.00 for a remanufactured to over $130.00 for a new part.

88 Cherokee w EFI runs rough and backfires through intake?

Could be a burned valve (do a compression test of all cylinders) Could be a timing problem (check the timing)

1996 Honda accord code is coming up po505 how can you fix it?

IACV - Idle Air Control Valve Your car is probably experiencing rough idle.

97 Lincoln town car starts but backfires and runs very rough then stalls what can this be?

vacuum leak

1994 town car runs rough backfires uses a lot of gas and is hard to get a fast takeoff because of backfiring ect What could the main problem be?

the spark plug wires

Your car idles rough and backfires what should you be looking for to fix it?

check make sure the firing order is correct.

When does a green light near D shift starts blinking on your Honda accord 2004 when it jumps over a rough road or over a pith hole on the road?

Maybe a loose wire

Why does my Honda Accord ride really rough when I accelerate above 55 mph?

Might be imbalance in wheel(s) that hits a resonance frequency just there. Consider having your wheels balanced.

What would make your 1988 Honda accord run high rpm's when first started then when you go to make a stop it stalls?

Might want to look at this?

How much should struts cost for a 4 cylinder 98 Honda Accord and what happens if I don't have them fixed?

The average cost of struts for a 1998 Honda Accord 4 cylinder is anywhere from $250 to $350 for four. If the struts are not replaced then the car will not be able to absorb bumps in the road. This will make for a bouncy and rough ride and ultimately this can also lead to irregular tire wear.

How do you adjust idle on 1997 Honda Accord EX?

I hav had a 1996 LX Honda Accord and a 1997 EX Honda Accord. On both, I had the same problem with with a "rough idle". A friend who works for Honda here in South Florida, tells me that what it needs is an adjustment on the throttle and it has to be someone very familiar with the car,otherwise, it may create additional problems. Furthermore, I find this to be a question that needs to be answer by a Honda especialist. many of us are having problems with the "idle" but every mechanic I have talked to, refuses to give me a straight answer. They want to "clean" this, touch that and after several hundred dollars, you still have the same problem. I have been trying to get the email for Honda executives, to see if they give us a solution to this growing problem.

1986 Honda accord Gas in the oil system?

If you have gas in your oil, then the probablity is very high that your head gasket is blown. I bet your car is running very rough, difficult to maintain idle, and acceleration is poor.

1992 Corvette runs till 190 degree then backfires?

1992 lt1 corvette runs good until it reaches 190 degrees the starts rough idel and backfires/ the car would kinda run rich in its past with black smoke at times

Why would a 1992 Honda Accord LX engine be shaking?

Check your motor mounts.AnswerHow does it drive. If rough, then I would expect a mis-fire. AnswerCheck the timing? AnswerBecause the engine is defective, you should replace it with new one.

What would cause a 1992 Honda accord EX to shift roughly in 2 and 3 gear its a automatic?

Wrong type A/T fluid installed or a internal transmission problem. Have the fluid changed and use nothing but genuine Honda ATF. The use of any other fluid will cause exactly what you are experiencing, rough shifts.

What causes backfiring in Kawasaki 220 bayou?

I have a problem. I just bought a used 1995 Kawasaki 220 Bayou. The engine started running a little rough at first. Kept getting worse and then started backfiring through the exhaust. I had the carbeurator rebuilt but still runs rough and backfires. Cranks good and idles good. What could be my problem? Thanks

86 Honda shadow will fire but won't stay running when it does it idols rough and backfires a lot removed the carbs and cleaned them but still have the problem any ideas about how to get it to run?

your plugs may be fouled. pull them and check for carbon buid-up, discoloration, etc. you may be able to clean them and adjust the gap. also, very much sounds like a timing problem. the timing could be off just enough to permit the bike to start but will not accept throttle, idles rough, & small back-fires through the carbs. hope this helps

Your Honda xr75 has the tendency to lunge and run rough at lower rpm's?

If your Honda XR75 has the tendency to lunge and run rough at lower RPMs, it can indicate the idle needs adjusted. It can also be caused by a bad fuel filter.

What is the opposite of rough?

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