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I have the same problem and i was told it was the condensor or the evaperator either was it was almost $1000 to fix for a part that was $150 need less to say I have 4/60 air 4 windows down 60 miles per hour

2006-07-17 12:25:51
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What is the frequency of 3cycles in 12 seconds?

3 cycles / 12 seconds = 0.25 cycles / second, or 0.25 Hz.3 cycles / 12 seconds = 0.25 cycles / second, or 0.25 Hz.3 cycles / 12 seconds = 0.25 cycles / second, or 0.25 Hz.3 cycles / 12 seconds = 0.25 cycles / second, or 0.25 Hz.

What is the frequency of a wave that completes 4 full wave cycles in 3 seconds?

Frequency = number of cycles per second (Hertz, Hz) so Frequency = 4 cycles in 3 seconds = 4/3 Hz or 1.333 Hz

What does the cooling system do within an engine?

It cycles coolant through the engine. Heat from the engine is transferred to the coolant through a heat exchange. The heated coolant then cycles through the system to the radiator, where heat from the coolant undergoes another heat exchange, transferring heat from the coolant to the air which passes through the radiator. Heat will also transfer from the motor to the air forced over the motor by the engine fan.

At 50 cycles per seconds what would be the frequency in hertz?

50. Hertz is the same as cycles per second.

Units for frequency?

The SI unit is the Hertz, which is 1/seconds, i.e., the reciprocal for seconds and can be understood as cycles per second. The reciprocal of any other time unit can be used as well, e.g. cycles per hour or cycles per century.

How many seconds are there in one cycle as it pertains to 60 cycles?

There is one second in 60 cycles. So 5 cycles is equal to about 0.012 seconds or 12 milliseconds.AnswerThe periodic time is the reciprocal of frequency. So the answer to your question is 1/60 s or 16.67 ms.

If a mass on a spring takes eight seconds to complete five cycles what is its period?

(8 seconds) / (5 periods) = 1.6 seconds per period

How many cycles of CPR for an adult in 2 minutes?

every 10 seconds

What is the frequency of a pendulum that completes 40 cycles in 8 minutes?

There are 8 x 60 seconds in 8 minutes = 480 seconds, so the answer is 40 divided by 480 = 0.08333 Hertz (0.08333 cycles per second).

What is the frequency of a wave with a period if 0.008 seconds?

125 cycles per second or 125 Hz. A wave that has a period of 0.008 seconds has a period of 0.008 seconds per cycle. If you have 0.008 seconds per cycle, you have one cycle per 0.008 seconds. And one cycle per 8/1000 seconds is 1 x 1000 / 8 cycles per second, which is 125 cycles per second. As regards waves, frequency and period are reciprocals. By definition, 1/frequency equals period, and 1/period equals frequency.

Number of complete cycles in a second is a whole number where as it is not?

The frequency does not have to be a whole number. 3 cycles in two seconds is equivalent to 1.5 cycles per second so the frequency is 1.5 Hertz. That is not a whole number!

What does a water pump do for your car?

It cycles coolant through the motor's cooling system, thus regulating engine temperature.

How many cycle in alternating current will occurs for a minute?

Frequency in Hertz is a count of cycles per second. So at 60Hz, there are 60 cycles per second. This means there are (60 cycles per second x 60 seconds) = 3600 cycles per minute.

How does the engine coolant does this work?

When the engine heats up to a certain temperature, the thermostat opens up and lets the coolant flow through the engine. Heat from the engine is absorbed by the coolant, which then cycles back to the radiator. Heat from the coolant is exchanged to the air which flows through the radiator fins, thus causing the coolant to rapidly cool down.

How you calculate seconds in hertz?

Hertz is a unit of measuring frequency. It is 'cycles per second' or just second^-1 or 1/seconds. It is not the same as seconds (a measure of time or elapsed time).

Auto air conditioner cycles on and off every two or three seconds when it cycles it pressures up to 30 psi What is wrong?

its the 30 psi its has to be 20 psi

How do you find out how many waves are produced in 5 minutes with a frequency of 2 Hz?

Hz = cycles/second. Therefore, at 2Hz, you're generating two complete cycles (or what I believe you refer to as waves) every second. So 2 cycles x 60 seconds = 120 cycles per minute. 120 cycles x 5 minutes = 600 cycles.

Why does frig cycle off only seconds after it cycles on?

Fridge timer probably needs to be replaced!

When a sine wave has a frequency of 50 Hz in 10 seconds it goes through?

5 cycles.

When giving rescue breathing to an infant you give how many breaths and seconds?

40 cycles for two minutes 1 breath every 3 seconds interval

In 1 GHzs processor one cycle takes in how many seconds?

Giga means 1,000,000,000 cycles per second. Therefore 1/1000000000 seconds per cycle, or 0.000000001 seconds in a cycle.

What does AC compressor do?

Cycles refrigerant through the system and changes the state of the refrigerant from a low pressure vapor to a high pressure vapor.

CPR cycles on an Adult?

A CPR cycle is 30 compressions and 2 breaths, to be performed in 24 seconds.

89 cadillac air compressor cycles on and off every few seconds?

The refrigerant level is low.

Cycles of CPR should you perform for an adult in 2 minutes?

Each cycle should take 24 seconds. 2 minutes is 120 seconds. 120/24 = 5. So, you should perform 5 cycles 30 compressions / 2 breaths in 2 minutes.