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What could be wrong with a 1997 z28 Camaro that won't start even when you jump start it?

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The same thing just happened to my '94 z28 and it was the key ignition lock as far as I understand. The cylinder where my keys were inserted had screwed up and messed up the resistor chips on my keys. Had to have two new keys made and the key ignition lock replaced. It cost me $397 at the dealership.

p.s. When your resistor chips on your keys arent being read by the cylinder correctly (like if there wet or damaged) the security system shuts down the starter and fuel systems for three minutes.

2009-12-04 16:13:11
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the 1997 camaro z28 lt1 has a base line of 285 horsepower and a base of 335 foot pounds of torque.

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