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it has something to do with the passcode security feature on the car. To fix it you leave the key in the run position for about 10 minutes unitl the securtiy light shuts off and then start the car normally. This could be one of 2 things either the key is worn or the passcode module is shot. Get a new key before you go and spend $300 on the parts. There are more answers on www.automotive If it does not start turn the key all the way to off position then turn it to the on position, at this point the security light will start flashing for between 10-15 min. Once it stops flashing or goes away turn the key all the way off then try to start it. If passcode locks you out , security light will be on. I don't think that the engine will even turn over. It could also be fuel pump. When you turn key to on position , fuel pump in gas tank should run a couple seconds (hear a hum).

If you run your cars gas tank to almost empty alot, the electric fuel pumps fail because the fuel acts as a coolent. Also check the fuse block. The fuse block on my son's car was removed and it was found to be very corroded. The engine would turn over, but not start. The ODB II reader could not read any codes. The problem was worse when it rained. There must have been a leak that caused water to corrode the fuse block.

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Q: What could be wrong with a 2001 Olds Alero if it turns over but does not start?
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battery is shot?

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timing chain or belt

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I had a similar problem turns out the Alternator was bad.

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you have either no gas or no spark maybe both

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It is either getting no fuel or no spark.

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This could be the voltage regulator. Both the positive from the battery and the starter would be connected to it.

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mine did the same thing when the timing belt broke

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that's hard to say it could be as easy as battery or something like your starter theres a couple things it hard to tell with out being there

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My sunroof quit working too as you described. Turns out it was the overhead switch that went bad. Had mine replaced for $95 installed. Works like a charm now!

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