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You must go see your doctor right away! Tell him everything that has been going on and please don't be shy. They hear and see everything! He might want to refer you to see a urinologist. Good luck and God Bless:)

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โˆ™ 2006-09-12 15:19:21
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Q: What could be wrong with a 30-year-old male if you have frequent urination and wake up in the night with a pounding headache that goes away when you urinate?
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What is pounding headache?

A headache that hurts so bad that it feels like someone is pounding your brain with a hammer, sounds painful

What is the best medication for a pounding headache?

smashing your head against a wall

A T4 spinal cord injury complains of pounding headache why is this?

autonomic dysreflexia

What are the symptoms of dehyfration katniss experiences?

Pounding headache, muddled thoughts, pain, and little urine.

Does Applebees use MSG?

I am not a big fan of Applebees but the coleslaw gives me a stuffy nose and a pounding headache and upsets my stomach.

Does everclear burn?

A tiny sip of everclear will burn you throat and will give oyu a pounding headache, i know from past experience......not good.

What are some of the key migraine headache symptoms?

The key signs would be a pounding headache where you can actually feel your heartbeat in your head. Also signs can include blurry vision, not hearing things and pressure in the sinus areas.

What do really bad pounding headaches all over your head suggest?

For appropriate diagnosis and treatment of headaches, see your physician or headache specialist.

What can cause a Pounding headache and right arm pain?

This can be a classic sign of an oncoming stroke and is often accompanied by hypertenion (high blood pressure).

What are the signs of ecstasy overdose?

the first sign will be a major headache. if you start to feel your head pounding, you need to stop and slowly sip (not chug) a bottle of water.

Why does it smell in my house like cat pee every time it rains?

You tell me. I am having the same problem and it is making me sick. I have a pounding headache because it is so strong.

Why do you get a pounding headache after you cry?

it is usually stress and dehydration ... i usually sleep after i cry and make sure to drink some "good" fluids... this includes water, juice or gatorade.

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