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What could be wrong with a 94 Grand Am if the doors lock when put in gear but do not unlock and the side mirrors are not working?


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2004-10-08 16:42:58
2004-10-08 16:42:58

GM has progammable automatic door locks. These Modes and instructions are from the owners manual of a 2000 Grand Am. Mode 1 = All doors lock when shifted out of PARK, all doors unlock when shifted into PARK and TURNED OFF. Mode 2 = All doors lock when shifted out of PARK, only drivers door unlock in PARK and TURNED OFF (MODE 2 ONLY WORKS WITH REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY.) Mode 3 = All doors lock when shifted out of PARK, no auto unlock. Mode 4 = No auto lock or unlock. If you don't have an Owners Manual try these steps to program. Close all doors and turn key to ON (DO NOT START) hold LOCK on lock switch for 10 seconds, release when you hear chime. Count the number of chimes you hear, this is the number mode your car is in. Press and hold LOCK until the number of chimes match the number mode you want. I'm sorry i have no answer for your mirror problem. Good Luck!


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