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I have researched the web and my own car. It appears the known problem with the headlamps problem is a simple "bad connection" on an eleven wire plastic plug located under the dash very near the fire wall and near the driver's side. If you look at a white colored plastic connection with about 11 wires in it you should see a "burnt" or arking appearance on the plastic and wire. It is this connection that causes the headlamp failure when you turn on the switch. Good luck, it really isn't too hard to locate and simple to fix. After replacing the combination switch in my '96, and having the problem recur after a few months, I bought new headlights, plain old halogens. The problem has not recurred since. Seems that something in the old lights was tripping the breaker in the combo switch. - tjd ir all your lights go out ,replace the the daytime running light module.

2007-06-19 06:13:27
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Your dashboard lights in your Geo Metro 1997 dont work?

Check to see if parking lights are working - usually same fuse or could be light switch itself if all fuses are good

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If all your dash lights are out but you still have parking lights head lights and brake lights could it be the dimmer in the headlight switch?


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