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my 1993 gmc did the same thing-we replaced everything. finally,replacing the distributor was what worked, but now she goes thru distributors like candy.

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Why 305 motor is not getting sparks?

...could be allot of reasons why you may not be getting spark, here are some: # no power to ignition coil. faulty ignition. # faulty distributer cap, rotor. # faulty ignition module. # check for start signal from ecm. ...and there is a few more.

What could be wrong with a 91 calais that doesnt have any spark?

if you're getting fuel to the throttle body it could be the ignition module if your getting fuel this is more than likely the problem, it could be coil pack if not getting any spark from any of your plug wires if your not getting fuel or spark at the same time i believe it may be your control module if control module is out u wont get fuel or fire my 89 is getting fuel but no sspark and i was told it was my ignition module auto zone knew exactly what my problem was try calling them they can also test your ignition module before u spend money on one if its not the ignition module

How do you set ignition timing on a 1997 tacoma with 2.7 liter eng?

You can't set it, since there is no distributer. The computer controls it. If you suspect the ignition timing is off, then it could be caused by the computer (ECM) malfunctioning (unlikely) or one of the numerous sensors is faulty and is send the wrong signal to the computer.

How do you put music on your computer without downloading it?

There are ways of getting music onto a computer without downloading from the internet. You could record music direct onto your computer. You could copy it from a CD to your computer.

What if your 91 capri won't startno sparks on plugsAm getting fuel and ignition coil is new?

Have the ignition module in distributor checked.... could solve your problem (it solved mine!!)

1997 chrysler minivan starts and shuts down and some times the dash shuts down- could i need a new computer?

A failed computer is possible, It could also be the cluster, wiring, ignition switch, etc.

How will a computer will affect people?

Well, a computer could affect someone as in getting into games, or you could buy it for work and everything may be easier. Or maybe if you received an email on your computer saying you won something.

How do you test a 1989 Chevy Celebrity coil?

If you are not getting spark to any of the plugs could be coil rotor and/or cap HEI ignition?

You want to try to uplug your battery to take off your check engine light does the car have to stay on?

Never unhook the battery with the ignition turned on. There is always a little voltage spike that occurs when disconnecting or reconnecting the battery. If the ignition is on the computer will be powered up and that spike could "fry" the computer.

What are the causes of a cars spark plugs not getting spark?

there are several reasons this could happen.distribator cap and wires spark plugs may need to be replaced.there could be oil getting thru and on some of them. if your car doesn't have an electronic ignition the cylinoid could be bad.

Your 89 Geo spectrum wont start not getting any fire?

An ignition module problem could be the cause of your 89 Geo Spectrum not starting and not getting any fire. It could also be the pickup coil causing the problem.

On your 89 camaro you have changed the plugs cap and rotor and it still not tunning over What else could it be?

Are you getting spark?Could be Ignition module, pick-up coil, coil...

What makes your van skip and pop at times run great at others could thi be a ignition coil problem?

Could be time for a complete tune up including spark plug wires.

Why would everything be powered but the car will not start?

Ignition or ignition switch could be bad or the selanoid could have went out

Your 1992 Brougham will just cut off like it is not getting gas while driving and I have to pull over then after about 5 minutes it starts and you can drive it What could be causing this?

Check to see if it is getting fuel and spark - could be a weak ignition coil

Advantages and disadvantages of computer viruses?

Theres no complete advantage to getting PC viruses ; so its highly recommended that you instal somekind of anti virus software for your computer to stop many things like computer viruses and hackers , if they do get into you computer theres a high chance of them being able to control everything on your PC and getting personal information, letting you have no control over it what so ever or could send a virus that can make your entire PC automatically shut down.

Your 1998 gmc jimmy starts and then off acts like it is not getting enough fuel you have replaced fuel pump and filter what could be causing this?

You may have a faulty ignition switch. The ignition switch feeds the fuel pump.

What could it be if a car does not start and the battery is new?

Maybe the starter. Does it click when you turn on the ignition? Yes and also check to see if you are getting spark and there could also be a fuel delivery problem.

Why getting no spark from 1992 Chevy Corsica 3.1 liter?

If getting no spark, it could be your spark plug wire is bad or your coil pack. say 3 and 6 getting no sparks, that means your coil pack is bad and you need to replace. if you getting no sparks after replacing new coil pack, it could be your ignition module.

My 86 Olds died at ared light and now will not start It acts like it isn't getting fuel what could the problem be?

fuel pump or ignition

Getting dizzy only at work?

It could possibly be the lighting or if you stare at a computer frequently at work. Your workplace could also have a gas leak.

What could be the problem with a 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora when it does not start up and Security light continues to flash?

The Aurora has a VATS ignition and either the contacts in the ignition lock are bad, the wires from the lock to the computer are broken or the VATS chip in your key is dirty or the contacts in the ignition lock is dirty and not making connection with the chip in the key.

What is kaze no stigma ignition?

Kaze no stigma ignition is basically the new season for kaze no stigma, unfortunately, it wont happen because the author died before he could complete the novel...this is what i've read so far though, there are 6 volumes for kaze no stigma ignition. But after that, theres nothing left.

My 95 Nissan altima Standardis not getting electricity through the spark plug wires new wires just put in replaced the ignition coil just got a new distrib cap what could be the problem?

maybe ignition modual

What could be the reason for the key getting stuck in the 'on' position of the ignition in a 2003 Lincoln Navigator?

the tumblers in your key switch are failing replace them before long

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