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What could be wrong with a 97 Ford Escort that only gets a click from the solenoid if the starter has been changed and the new battery tested OK?


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2004-12-26 01:01:28
2004-12-26 01:01:28

Check the starter relay Check/Replace the cables going to the starter. It sounds like there is insuffient voltage and current going to the starter. Did you replace the starter? It is possible that the teeth are misaligned during re-installation. Did you foget some washers or shims? The selenoid could be bad.


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There is no starter relay on an Escort. The main battery positive cable goes directly to the starter. A small wire with a clip on it marked s goes to the solenoid. The main battery current to the starter is supplied with this solenoid.

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The solenoid is on the starter.

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The Escort doesn't have a starter relay. It has a solenoid on the starter that handles the heavy amperage.

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The solenoid is attached to the starter. There is no relay.

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The solenoid is part of the starter.

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