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Some things that you feed him could be effecting his excretory system

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โˆ™ 2007-05-21 12:46:16
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Q: What could be wrong with a hamster who has had one bout of diarrhea and now his feces are normal but his urine has a really bad fishy smell and he is still eating?
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Why does your hamster squeak when its eating?

i have a hamster and it does it too. but i don't really know why. sorry.

What happens when a hamster has too much lettuce?

The hamster will get an upset tummy and bad diarrhea. Its really not a good idea. Try to stick to feeding it a balanced diet.

Is it safe to use kitty litter for hamster bedding?

Not really. It's best to just use normal hamster bedding, I use CareFresh.

How many years does a hamster age in one year?

Around 40 in hamster years. 1 normal year - 40 hamster years. 2 normal year - 80 hamster years. And so on. If you really want to know, Hamster Years compared to normal month is: 1 normal month - 3.33333 hamster years. (The 3 goes on 4ever) Unlike humans, hamsters may live 86-120 hamster years. They think humans may b able to live that long in the future, though.

Your hamster has 1 red eye and 1 black eye and once the red went really bright red what does it mean?

I don't really know, but that is not normal. Take the hamster to the vet.

What to do if you don't take you hamster to a vet and it is dragging its back feet because it was stuck in a pype and is now not eating or drinking?

You really need to take your hamster to a vet.

Why does a hamster eat it's bedding?

It's not really eating the bedding. They like to move things around in their cages.

What do you do when your cat eats your hamster and is ill and not eating?

Take it to the vet, that's all you can really do, it might get quite ill !

Why is my hamster eating her paws?

A hamster will not usually behave in this manner. It could be a sign that she is very sick, or that she has some sort of mite infestation. You really must take her to see a vet.

Is it normal to go to the bathroom after eating?

no that means you have really fast metabolism.

Is it normal for a hamster to sleep in their tube?

There's no need to worry about this as it's just a sign that their really tired :)

How fatal is explosive Diarrhea?

well i don't really think theres such thing actually but i heard that normal diarrhea can be deadly depending on how bad the situation is. if that makes any sense.......

Can hamsters have peanut butter?


Your hamster is 2 and losing fur around the ears is this normal but she seems really healthy?

i don't think it's normal. You should take it to a vet.

Can a hamster weigh pounds?

Well i guess if you have a really fat hamster. but i dont think its normal. May i suggest putting it on a special diet of veggies and a few pinches of food.

What should you do when your hamster dies?

did you really love your hamster then try to move on if you didn't really like your hamster then what do you want to do??

How can you tell if your hamster is normal or aggressive?

IF you want to know, you should really study her. When i hold my hamster, she trys to find a hole or a crack and uses her nose to push to get through. That sounds like shes aggressive.

Why does a cat leak poop out of their butt?

That is not really normal, it needs to see a vet or you just need to give it medicine, because it probably has diarrhea.

Is it bad if you have a big hamster?

depends if it is a hamster that is fat or a big bone hamster depends really

Can a hamster eat apple sauce or will they get sick?

if hamsters eat any type of sugar, or anything that contains sugar, they can get really ill and even die. just stick to the normal hamster mix and fruit and veg

Can eating watermelon harm guinea pigs?

Not really but you have to watch how much your guinea pig eats because to much can give it diarrhea. But No it will not harm guinea pigs

How can you play with your hamster?

well their is really not much to do with a hamster but, they are fun to hold.

Can hamsters eat granny smith apples?

A hamster loves to get a treat like a piece of apple, carrot, or lettuce but it should be given as a treat and not a regular diet. If a hamster is given too much fresh veggies or fruits, it will get diarrhea become dehydrated and die. Also, a hamster really enjoys small beetles or crickets, but as above, not too much. A regular diet of alfalfa pellets or hamster mix is best.

What is the sweetest hamster type?

All hamster breeds are AWESOME and so sweet. It really depends on the hamster not his/her breed.

How do you know if your hamster has wet tail?

you will know that your hamster has wet tail because its poop will be really runny. to prevent this dont feed your hamster lettuce. There are many different symptoms to wet tail, the early ones conclude - Not eating&Drinking - Sleeping all day & All night , ( in no case is this normal , seek a licensed vet ) - Runny Poo , Wetness Around The Bumm The Later Symptoms Include - - All The above ^^^ - Hamster standing in a hunch and staying wherever you leave it There Are Probibally More Ways To Tell if You'r Hamster Has Wet Tail , Butt these are the one's i know. :)