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Check the latching mechanism, move all the moving parts around and lubricate w / spray on grease. Use a screwdriver to push the moving parts around, saves on the pinched fingers!

Also-check to see if the inner release latch is returned to the closed position.

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Trunk stuck shut in a 1998 Camry?

How difficult is it ro replace the trunk cable in a 1998 camry? The trunk is stuck shut and I was told the cable snapped. Thanks!

How do you open 1994 Toyota Camry trunk from inside?

It is not possible in order to open up the trunk from the inside of a 1994 Toyota Camry. In order to open the trunk of the vehicle from the inside, the seats will have to be removed.

What is the trunk size of a 2009 Toyota Camry?

425L See: http://www.auto123.com/en/toyota/camry/2009?carid=1096100301

How do you program 2007 Toyota Camry key?

what is the step by step process for programming a key for a 2007 toyota camry for the lock,unlock,trunk

Were in the trunk is the fuel pump fuse located on a 1990 toyota camry?

It is not located in the trunk it is located under the hood.

What are trunk dimensions of a Toyota Camry?

Not sure of dimensions but volume is 13.1 cu.ft.

Where is the trunk trim piece on a 2005 Toyota Camry?

I believe you are referring to the material covering the inside of the trunk. The felt like material.

Is the 2008 Toyota Camry LE a hybrid car?

Yes, you can get 2008 Toyota Camry LE Hybrid, but it needs say so somewhere on the car (usually on the trunk, there is a sticker for it). Otherwise, it is not hybrid.

Were can you get a new lock for the trunk of a 1990 Toyota Camry?

when someone broke into my truck on my 90' camry, i brought it back to Toyota which cost me about $200.00 to get a new look but then you would have 2 different keys, one for the door/ignition and one for the trunk, you should be able to get it fixed by a local locksmith

What cause the interior trunk light on 2006 Toyota Camry to stop working?

Check in order- the bulb, for any loose wires or connectors at the light, the fuse, or your car doesn't think your trunk is open- so find the switch that contacts your trunk when it is closed and see if it stuck and check its wires and connectors. Hope this helps

Where is the differential fill plug on a 1999 Toyota Camry?

Yes, you can find one the side of the differential facing the trunk.

Where is the fuel reset button for 1992 Toyota Camry?

The fuel reset button for a 1992 Toyota Camry is in the trunk behind the fabric on the passenger side. On some models of Camrys, the button is on the passenger side under the dash.

How can you replace the middle window brake light on a 2001 Toyota Camry?

You normally gain access to the bulb from inside the trunk.

Why is your 1995 Toyota Camry Trunk fills up with water?

My Camry leaked around a vent in the rear guards it is behind the rear bumper and the carpet in boot covers - hope this helps

Where is the gas door release on a 1991 Toyota Camry?

on the floor to the left of the driver's seat, the same lever as the trunk release. It has icons.

Where can you get a trunk lock for a 2000 Toyota Camry?

If you want a new OEM part try Toyota dealer. If you want to save money on used OEM parts try Ebay.

How do you remove the tail lights on a 2004 Toyota Camry SE?

from inside trunk remove trunk liner to expose back side of lights locate screws and remove install is the reverse

How do you I change the brake light bulb on 1999 Toyota Camry?


How do you change a brake light in a 1995 Toyota Camry?

Remove the tail light from the outside. Pulls out. Replace bulb. There is no access from the inside of the trunk.

How do I replace reverse lights on a 1983 Toyota Camry?

The bulbs are accessed from inside the trunk. You would remove the trim panel to access the bulb.

Where is the fuel pump fuse located in a 1990 Toyota Camry?

In the fuel tank, usually located in your trunk. Some cars have the fuel pump facing into the backseat.

Will a 2000 Camry trunk lid fit a 1997 Camry?

It will not. 2000 model has different headlights and tail lights and as result the trunk is different too.

Where is the fuel door release cable in the trunk of your 1989 Camry the door is stuck and you cannot pry it open?

Ok, I could not find the cable but I jammed the cig lighter under the level and it popped right open. www.kuehncom.com and see if this helps

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