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The most common issue is the heater / climate control valve. This can usually be tested in dual mode and checking for change in air circulation.

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Q: What could be wrong with heater on a 1998 Buick Regal gs it has climate control and only blows out cold air when set on 90 degrees?
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Where is heater control valve on 1994 Buick regal?

Where is the heater control valve on a 1994 Buick Regal

Where is heater control valve on 1996 buick park ave?

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Where is the heater control valve in a 2004 Buick Regal LS?

How to fix heater in Buick there is cool air ,fan is work .but no warm air

What are the proper steps needed to troubleshoot and resolve a climate control problem where the heater is blowing cold air in a 1995 Buick Roadmaster?

Thermostat stuck open or heater core clogged. Bad radiator cap or small hole in cooling system.

How do you bypass the heater control valve on 68 Buick Electra?

take one end of your heater hose off the heater core and run it back to the intake port.

How do you repair the AC and heater control when the screen has gone blank on a 1999 Buick Century Limited?

There is a fellow on Ebay that repairs these controls. It is easy to remove from the car and he will repair your control and ship it back out in 24 hours. He repaired mine 15 months ago and it still works perfectly. His eBay username is "musclos1" The title on his current ad is "1998- 2000 Buick Regal Century Climate, Heater Control" His current price is 36.95 including shipping.

What would cause the ac-heater with the climate control on auto in a 1991 buick park avenue to switch to econ by itself?

possibly when the a/c is not needed to cool the air temperature you set. The A/C control module has failed, as revealed on a diagnostics check.

Why does the dual-zone front only heater only put out heat on the passenger side in a 1991 Buick Regal?

may be your heater control valve

What would cause my outside temp display on my 2001 Buick Century Limited Climate control drop to -38 degrees when it's 60 degrees outside?

If the sensor is blocked or has mud on it, the readings will be inaccurate, and give completely false readings.

How do you replace a heater core 1992 Buick century?

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Where is the heater damper on 1995 Buick Le Sabre?

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Heater core removal 98 Buick lesabre?

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What does the 09 diagnostis code mean on a Buick Roadmaster climate control switch?

Low freon

No climate control power?

I just bought a 1994 Buick Roadmaster and the only thing that does not work is the the climate control. The climate control is not illuminating. I checked the fuses none of them were blown. Is there any kind of code or startup procedure I can do to troubleshoot it, please let me know how I can fix this.

96 buick park avenue climate control blinks when started?

because u r gangsta

How do you change heater core in 1989 Buick Park Avenue?

89 Buick park ave install a heater coil

Is there a heater control senso r on a 1991 buick skylark 4-cylinder?

I am having the same problem and I WA told it was the heater core. I am going to give that a shot. Autozone has them for $30.00

Climate control 1995 park ave not functioning properly?

My 1999 buick regal temperature control LED readout is stuck on 32 degrees for high and minus 2 for low. It still works but is there a way to reset LED reading? Thanks in advance

How do you replace the heater core in a 1999 Buick lesabre custom?

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How do you open Buick roadmaster heater blend doors?

How to unlock a buick roadmaster

Where is heater resister on02 buickcentury?

Where is heater resister on 02 buick century

What if you had a 1987 buick regal that you replaced the heater core the heater valve the thermostat the water pump and flushed the radiator and you still dont have heat?

System airbound? Coolant level? Temperature control cable?

Where is heater core on 1988 Buick Electra 307?

The heater core is mounted to the passenger side firewall on the 1988 Buick Electra 307. The blower motor needs to be removed to access the heater core.

2003 buick rendezvous and the interior lights on the radio panel and climate control panel do not worksome of them do .So you were wondering what the problem was and how to fix it?

They can't be fixed. You have to change the radio. The climate control is the same way, You have to change the unit to get the light working.