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Does blood pressure increase with enlarging nose bone?

Blood pressure has nothing to do with the size of your nose.

Does the nose have bone in it?

No bone in nose

What is the bone of the nose called?

there isn't a bone in the nose, only cartilage.

What could wrong if you have pain and pressure by your temples nose and eyes but do not have a stuffy nose or a cold?

Allergies maybe? Possible sinus infection? Over use of nasal spray? (this can burn your sinus and cause pain like you describe.)

Can a sinus infection cause a sore temple?

This is possible although not usual. The sinuses are located along the cheek bone, the forehead and the sides of the nose. Enough pressure in the sinuses could cause pressure that the brain then misinterprets as a sore temple.

What is the medical term meaning the bone in the nose?

The bone inside the nose is the vomer.

What is the name of the nose bone?

There IS a nose bone, in fact it's called the nasal bone at the top of the nose. It's a short bone that doesn't extend the length of the nose. At the end of the nasal bone is where the cartilage starts. You can find anatomical pictures on google for a visual.

What is the primary bone in the septum of the nose?

The primary bone in the septum of the nose is called the vomer bone. The other bone in the nasal septum is called the ethmoid bone.

Why is a nose not a bone?

A nose is made up manly of cartilage which can bend unlike bone. Your ears are made up of cartilage. Your nose does have a bone in it but it is located at the top of the bridge of the nose close to the skull.

Is our bone a outer ear Is our nose at the tip a bone?

No, the bone-like material in the outer ear and tip of the nose is cartilage.

What is the scientific name for hip bone?

Os coxae (Hip bone or coxal bone or pelvic bone) nope i am wrong it is splash fighters the best hip game in tthe world or nose bleed or crossword puzzle is one to

What is the bone in your nose?

It is not a bone and it is called cartilage.

What is wrong with Owen Wilson's nose?

Owen Wilson broke his nose when he was a teenager. While his nose is fine now, it never set back properly 100%. Owen also has an extra bone in the nose, which explains why it looks broken and misplaced.

Can you really push someone's nose into their brain?

This really borders on the edge of impossibility. Given the that nose is made of cartilage and there is bone between the nose and the brain, it is not likely that anything could possibly make it through bone into the brain. The link below will explain it.

Do you have a nose bone?

No, you don't have a nose bone. The hard surface you feel on your nose is cartilage, a kind of soft tissue. There are also cartilage on your ear. If your nose was made of bone, then you wouldn't be able to move it, same with your ears.

What is the bone in the nose called?

There is no bone in your nose. It may look or seem like there is but it is only cartilage.

When your nose is broken what breaks if it hasn't got a bone?

There is a bone in the nose and that is what breaks. See the link below ( elevating a fractured nose)

Softer version of the hard bone found in nose and ears?

the softer version of the hard bone found in the nose and ears is call cartilege, but this soft bone can also be found in the nose

What is the name of the bone that is the bridge of nose?

Nasal Bone

What does the nose bone of a human body look like?

The human nose has a framework constructed of cartilage, not bone.

Does the nose have a bone?

Approximately the top 1/4 ot the external part of the nose is made of bone and the whole od the internal nasal cavity is within bone but the main part of the external nose is cartillage. yes it has a small bone

Effects of getting hit in the nose?

Depends on the angle it got struck from and how hard. If it was strait into the face it could cause death from a bone going into the brain. IF its from the side it could just brake the nose.

Where is the sinus bone?


What is it if the bone in your nose hurts and the inside is red?

It probably means you hurt it, if not, it must be infected. Infections have to see a doctor, or it can lead to something serious. Or, you have allergies to something. Maybe you've blown your nose to much, or hit your nose, I don't know. Think of what has happened to you- and that nose of yours- that could cause this. (Also, there's no bone in your nose. It's called cartilage)

What bone is the bridge of nose?

Cartilage is present in the bridge of nose.