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The blower motor is the key to pumping in the air and if it's spent, nothing will pump. I would try replacing that first.

AnswerOn many mopar products there is a defrost resistor (I think that's what it is called) located on the passenger side on the very top of the firewall. This provides heat to the defrost vent system before the engine can deliver any heat. Sometimes one of the heater coils wil break or becom disconnected. If you remove the part the broken part should be apparent if not test the leads with a ohmmeter for continuity. AnswerI had the same problem. The wire to the heat, etc., fell behind the fuse box, so we ran a separate wire to that fuse, and it works like new.
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Q: What could be wrong with your 1997 Dodge Avenger if the heater defroster AC and blower motor doesn't work but all fuses under the dash and hood have been checked?
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Why doesnt my 2003 civic blower motor turn on?

Have you checked the fuse and relay? - They are in the engine compartment above the passenger strut.

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99 olds cutlass The blower doesnt work for the heat or ac The air comes out hot cold just no blower?

Blown fuse, bad motor, bad blower motor switch, or a defective Blower Motor Resistor Pack.

1994 Honda civic blower motor does not work?

if it doesnt work on 1 and 2 it could be a blower motor resistor but if it doesnt work at all check the fuses, relay and check voltage if it reads 12 v replace the motor

Why would your 95 ford contour have heat coming out but doesnt blow it for the AC or heater?

Bad blower motor? Blown blower motor fuse? Bad fan switch? Bad blower resistor pack?

If the Blower motor doesnt work and switch motor relay and fuse are good what could be the problem on an 2005 chrysler town and country?

Resistor or blower motor power module.

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it doesnt. you should get that checked it may be a problem with the relay

The blower motor is new-the switch still doesnt work-1991 dodge shadow?

check the blower motor resistor located on fire wall behind washer fluid tank

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What now got an answer to my blower motor quit working was told to check the resistor i did and it was bad replaced it and still doesnt blow..checked the motor by hard wiring it and it works?

Inspect the backside of the blower speed switch. Look for an overheated, melted plastic connector. Loose connections causes resistance, resistance causes heat, heat causes melt down. Look for melted connections at the blower motor and resistor also.

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