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It's serious. See a doctor. As for the cause there could be amny. A thin membrane in the nasal passage. Hemophelia. Who knows.

2006-08-09 22:02:11
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Is America's severe weather a serious threat to our state why?


Why is weather so important to us?

the weather affects our daily lives and if we didnt know about the weather, we would be in serious trouble. The weather can affect sports, outside activites, what your wearing, and sometimes lives.

How serious are forest fires?

Severely serious. They can get out of control within minutes and are very hard to contain, especially if there's windy weather

What to wear while sleeping in hot weather?

Sleep naked, I'm serious

Is hot weather or cold weather worse for your heart and why?

Changing seasons and hot weather can exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms, with the growing season and air pollution paying a serious role. -BrainQuiz

Do cold weather effect pigs?

if it was snowing and if it was very cold then yes they could have serious death

What is the difference between a winter storm warning and a winter weather advisory?

A winter weather advisory is not as serious. The specific criteria vary among different regions of the country.

Is Glenn Beck serious about the many comments he makes or is it an act?

Well, he was a former comedian...If you are good at telling what is being used as sarcasm, and what isn't, then it will be easy to tell weather he is serious or not...

Exercising in hot weather can cause what side effects?

Excess Sweating Fatigue and sometimes serious illness. <

Why do people want to move out the UK?

not because of the weather by last awnser mabe because of family or friends i mean is the weather that bad? i haven't seen serious hurricanes here recently.

What are the Main effects of global warming in simple language?

Rising temperatures Rising sea levels Weather events more serious Weather events more often Destruction of animal and human habitats

Will newborn puppies survive in 20 degree weather?

Are you being serious? Corse they can it's not hot and it's not cold? Think seriously

What do I do if someone threatened to send people after me?

if it is a serious fight...tell your parent and they will decide weather they should call the cops or not! if its not so serious and just a bunch of girls or boys having a cat fight...LAUGH IN THEIR FACE! aha

Is it easier catching a football in cold or hot?

are you serious? its obviously easier to catch a football in hot weather, cold weather makes it harder because your hands are cold and the ball is hard and hurts bad when its thrown fast to you

What bad weather do pilots fly through?

Pilots fly through all kinds of bad weather. The most serious would be lines of thunderstorms. Small planes should land; jets can fly around the storm.

Is brentwood county high school shut tomorrow?

Brentwood County High School is closed tomorrow because of serious weather conditions

Can you have a by pass surgery after having a hernia operation?

Talk to your doctor about weather you can or not this is a serious matter and not something you should give to chance that my guess is correct.

What does it mean if you keep getting nose bleeds for no reason?

I get nosebleeds randomly and it can be down to a few reasons, stress levels, high blood pressure, the weather change, or being dehydrated can also be a reason. I also had a nose bleed when i drank a can of pop (soda), it was very high in sugar. I hope this helped.

How is ict used to record weather data?

It is used with a serious amount of researching via internet and then transferred into text or written language(basically a presentation)

Is it normal for a horse to get a nosebleed?

It depends on your weather conditions and if your horse has any unusual behavior. If the weather has been rapidly changing, the a small nose bleed is not much to worry about. If your horse is showing odd behavioral signs, check with your local vet to make sure it isn't something more serious.

How is weather effected by a volcano eruption?

it affects the weather by the hot ash. Volcanos spew hot ash and gases into the upper atmophere where it adds to greenhouse gasses and reflects sunlight back into space. This results in a cooling of the Earths overall temperature which can have some serious knock on effects to the weather on the planet. The plume of debris from a volcano can travel thousands of miles in the jet stream. Should this cause a change in the sea temperature then the who stability of the Earths weather can be effected on a global scale.

A weather satellite can what weather?

keep track of the weather.

What happens in Neptune?

Neptune has serious weather, far more dangerous than the second fastest wind storm known in the solar system, Jupiter, recorded as a wind speed of 374 mph.

Is 81 degrees hot?

In the Fahrenheit scale, 81o is a warm summer day. In the Celsius scale it is a lot hotter (the weather on Earth never gets that hot, and we would be in very serious trouble if it did).

What's in Neptune?

Neptune has serious weather, far more dangerous than the second fastest wind storm known in the solar system, Jupiter, recorded as a wind speed of 374 mph.