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If there's something that feels wrong on your rabbit's body, in the fur or under the skin, or if your rabbit is making an unusual noise, you should bring it to a special "rabbit savvy" vet. There are many possible causes of something unusual under the skin, including an abscess (feels like a lump under the skin), a parasite, or a broken bone. A strange noise could be caused by a respiratory infection, or gas, or something else. The rabbit needs veterinary care. See the related questions below for more info and helpful links.

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How much could you get for a rabbit?

It depends on the specie of the rabbit.

Could a rabbit attack and eat a bird?

No, a rabbit could not have eaten a bird. If a rabbit is extremely aggressive (due to anxiety, insecurity), it is perhaps possible that a rabbit might attack a bird: but there's absolutely no chance a rabbit would or could eat a bird.

What would eat a rabbit?

A dingo could eat a rabbit. So could a fox, And a cat! Any carnivore or Omnivore can consume a rabbit.

Could a rabbit kill a hamster?

a rabbit could kill a hamster but it deppends how the rabbit and hamster act. if you are not sure if your rabbit will kill the hamester then you put the rabbit in one cage and put the hamster in another cage right next to the rabbit and see what happens.

What will happen if a rabbit disappears?

Anything could happen when a rabbit disappears.

Where can you find a panpour on Pokemon white?

You can find Panpour in Pinwheel forest and Lostlorn forest.In rustling grass, a Panpour could be there.

You put your 5 month old rabbit with 1 year old rabbit could they have babies?

YEP, but if it is a smaller rabbit than, it could actually die, if it was bred tosmall or to young

Could you keep a rabbit on your balcony?


Is there really a man on the moon or a rabbit?

No there is no man or a rabbit on the moon.It is all could imagination .

Can a rabbit eat a platypus?

No. A rabbit could not eat a platypus, nor would it want to.

Could a tame rabbit kill a chicken?

I think it highly unlikely that a rabbit would kill a chicken. But could they?? Yes, a rabbit can kill another rabbit or a cat with those powerful hind legs so they certainly COULD kill a chicken. I see little reason for them to do so though.

Your rabbit is making a nest out of fur is she pregnant?

Not always The female rabbit could be having a pretend pregnancy or the rabbit might be cold

How do you bath a rex rabbit?

get a tub with in it and put your rex rabbit in there

Will a snake eat a rabbit in the food chain?

Yes, a snake could eat a rabbit. In general they couldn't, but particularly large snakes could.

Why does my rabbit urinate on me?

Your rabbit might be scared of you. Or it could just feel the need to scent you as theirs.

What is a rabbit with a white tail called?

If the rabbit has a cotton tail it called a cotton tail rabbit or if its not cotton it could a white tailed jackrabbit.

Who can a strange visitor be?

It really could be anyone. Anyone can be a strange visitor from someone's point of view

Your rabbit has developed a hard lump on her jaw about the size of a marble what could it be?

This could be an abscessed tooth. You should take your rabbit to the vet right away.

Why is your male rabbit pulling fur from his neck?

he could have wood ticks or he might be in love with a female rabbit

What does it mean when your rabbit don't move its nose?

Could be dead...?. Especially if no other part of the rabbit is moving...

Can a mouse harm a rabbit?

A mouse could bite a rabbit, but they wouldn't bother each other normally.

Are English rabbits bigger than American ones?

I depends, for example, a really strange English rabbit could be waayyy bigger than American ones, but I think its Wild American. The tame rabbits are usually fluffy and small.

How many pregnancies a rabbit could have in a year?

12! The gestation period of a rabbit is only 28 to 32 days. That means she could have a litter every month.

Could a Jack Russell terrier catch a rabbit?

Yes a Jack Russell could catch a rabbit because the breed was ment for hunting and killing foxes.

Why does your pet rabbit pull its hair out?

They could be pregnant, if you have a girl. Or your rabbit could just be bored, like mine used to be. So just get them some toys if you think this is the problem or your rabbit could be cold, A good idea would be to buy the snuggle rabbit bed from pets at home if you think this is problem as well. Hope this helps :P