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What could be wrong with your 88 S-10 blazerI have spark and gasbut it will not start?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-11 01:29:04

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No compression????

2006-09-11 01:29:04
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Q: What could be wrong with your 88 S-10 blazerI have spark and gasbut it will not start?
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Could old spark plugs cause a car not to start?

yes they could

92 tempo wont start does have spark can here fuel pump?

Could be broken timing belt. Do the spark plugs have spark?

Why does your Mazda 626 not start when it still has spark?

could be fuel starvation

What could be the problem with an 1986 Firebird that will not start?

There could be so many problems. Batery, starter, alternator, serpentine belt, no spark... the list is endless. spark plugs? spark plugs?

Why does 1987 Mazda truck miss fire when cold start?

Start with a good tune up. Could be a bum spark plug or spark plug wire.

Why a KIA Sport age 2000 has spark fuel and won't start?

If your KIA Sportage won't start but has a spark and fuel, it could be a the fuel pump relay or possibly a fuse.

93 Jeep Laredo crankshaft position sensor where is it located could this prevent no spark or no start?

It is located in front of the drive pulley assembly. Yes it could cause no spark and no start. The sensor costs 70.00 to 120.00. on the average.

I have a 1995 Mercury Sable that will crank but wont start what could be wrong?

No spark? No fuel?

What could be the problem when a car does not start?

power, ie battery, then starter, then spark, then fuel

Your 96 camaro z28 won't start because of lack of spark?

96' z28 won't start because lack of spark. Could it be crankshaft position sensor? I just replaced distributor.

Why wont your peugeot 206 hdi diesel start?

There could be many reasons why the vehicle won't start. The battery could be drained, there may not be connection on the battery post, there may not be a spark between the spark plugs, the starter could be going bad, or the solenoid may need to be replaced.

Why dont my 302 engine have any spark?

Could be a lot of reasons. But, start with the coil first.

Why does my 97 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme miss when going uphill?

Could be in need of a tune up. Start with replacing the spark plugs and spark plug wires.

What could make the crown Victoria just turn and not crank?

Fuel, or spark. Also could be something else, but start at the beginning.

Cub cadet src 621 had blown head gasket Kawi motor replace head gasket put everything back together checked all gaps wont start has weak spark it wants to start but doesnt what else could it be?

It could be the coil - it could be the spark plug. If it has electronic ignition it could be weak

A 92 Dodge colt started ran died now it wont start and i have no spark why do i have no spark?

If you are getting power to your coil and you still have no spark at the spark plug, you have a bad coil. Beyond that you will have to chase the electrical system. could be a fusible link.

Could the spark plugs be the reason why your car wont start?

Absolutely. Worn plugs or carbon-fouled plugs can cause an engine to not start.

Why your 07 ford mustang missing when you start it up?

could be a number of things, start by checking the spark plugs and work your way back

Why does car not start after it rains?

It could be in need of a new set of ignition wires (spark plug wires).

Why does your 1998 Acura Integra crank but not start?

could not be getting spark our gas our timing belt no good

I have 2000 Ford Contour engine turns over but won't start What could it be?

Check for fuel and spark.

What is a matter with a Yamaha banshee if it wont start?

Check the spark plug. It could be flooded. Clean the carb

What could cause a 1989 For Tempo not to start?

It needs fuel, compression and spark, you are missing one of those.

Is it possible for a thumb tack to start a fire?

not by itself, but it could spark if struck on something else correctly

Why should you never use automotive electrical parts on a vessel?

it could spark and start a fire! :D