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the heater core may be plugged up

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Q: What could be wrong with your car if you can smell antifreeze through the heat and air vents inside the vehicle?
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What can you do if you have no antifreeze and it is 32 degrees?

If you have a block heater you could plug that in or move the vehicle inside a garage where the temperature is above the freezing mark

How do you know if your head or block is cracked?

There maybe bubbles accumulating inside of the over flow container after the vehicle runs up to temperature. There could also be an increase in fluid measured by the oil dip stick. Antifreeze burns white if leaked into the cylinder of the vehicle.

Does the anti-freeze freeze inside the car in the winter?

If the antifreeze and distilled water mixture is too weak for the ambient temperature then ( yes , the solution could freeze ) Ford vehicles come from the factory with a 50 / 50 mix of distilled water and the correct type of antifreeze for the vehicle Ford states not to exceed 60% antifreeze in the mix ( for colder climates etcetera )

Why is there antifreeze leaking inside the 1995 GMC Jimmy?

Passenger side floor? Could be leaking heater core

Why does your dodge ram 1500 uses a lot of antifreeze?

Could be a few things. Does it leak antifreeze? if so, fix the part that leaks. If not, you could have coolant mixing with oil inside the engine, which burns it. check your spark plugs. If they are white, you are probably burning antifreeze - fix immediately. your exhaust will smell "sweet" as well if you are burning antifreeze.

Why does a 2001 S-10 smell moldy inside but no visible water leaks?

Some people say that the smell of hot antifreeze smells like mold. It could be possible you are smelling the antifreeze from the engine.

How could electrolysis affect parts of a motor vehicle?

the motor is effected by the fusion eactor inside the CDI

2001 mitsubushi galant is leaking water inside on floor board what causing it?

check the drain line on the a/c or does it have antifreeze smell to it then it could be the heater core

Could antifreeze be leaking from the water pump gasket?

Yes, antifreeze can leak from a water pump gasket.

Why losing antifreeze in your car what causes that?

take it into a mechanic is the best way to save money, trying to find the leak yourself takes time. it could be a sealent problem or in most cases just a bad clamp or rubber hose. Coolant can certainly be lost through leaks in the cooling system hoses, but can also be lost through a blown head gasket which might cause the vehicle to idle or run rough, and will also result in water vapor or steam from the tailpipe. Coolant can also be lost through a faulty heater core, and this will cause the windows inside the vehicle to steam up constantly.

If the heater in a Daewoo Leganza does not work well and you have already had the antifreeze lines flushed with new antifreeze and a new thermostat what else can you do?

It could be a partially blocked heater core, a faulty heater valve that allows the coolant through the heater core or it could be a faulty water pump.

Is antifreeze combustible?

Antifreeze is composed of mainly ethylene glycol or propylene glycol, both of which are combustible. So yes, antifreeze IS combustible. However, neither of these compounds is very easily ignited. But although it is HIGHLY unlikely that antifreeze could start a fire, antifreeze could be dangerous if it actually gets hot enough to burn (such as in an ongoing structure fire).

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