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I'm from Canada and we get our pets rabies shots and we don't need them for another 3 years. I was surprised to learn that in the U.S., pets have to have rabies every year. It's over-kill! Your best bet is to get up the money for a vet because that can really be serious he or she can have tape worms, someone could have poisoned your doggie it could be a number of things he or she could start having seizures go get blood work done or try calling a vet and explain your situation I hope your doggie be alright!! I would hesitate before going to get another rabies shot, especially considering the symptoms your dog is already exhibiting. Vaccinosis is becoming more and more common, and people simply don't recognize the signs of an over vaccinated pet. *I have been doing a lot of online research about vaccinations and it supports what both the above posters are saying. Some research I have done suggests that the very same rabies vaccination that is given by some vets on a yearly basis is given by others every three years. Also, note that the second poster points out that over vaccination (Vaccinosis)is becoming more common. Over vaccination can have serious consequences for your pet. The best thing you can do for your pet and yourself is to learn all you can about dog ailments, their symptoms, and how they are treated, including alternatives to conventional veterinary care. I am adding some links that you might find helpful. *I'll tell you what you do - you get up, stop wondering, get the dog to a professional, before a pet welfare agency does it for you. *About the above comment: I believe a comment like that is unfeeling and unnecessary. This person is clearly wanting to help his animal. Support is needed, not comments that could be perceived as threats. Pet welfare and rights organizations often interfere where they have absolutely no cause or right to, as would be the case in this particular situation. I was at the vet's office a couple of weeks ago and the girl at the front desk gave me the choice between a 1-year and 3-year Rabies shot. I had heard that they are the same, so I asked her what the difference was. She looked stunned and could not tell me. She also said if I get the 3-year, I would have to have a booster the following year and then it would be good for 3 years. Of course, I'd never heard that before, either! The above two posters are correct. Vaccinations, from what I have read, are BIG BUSINESS and are being grossly misused in the U.S. (and I assume Canada, too) just to make the money. Deb

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Q: What could be wrong with your dog if he won't eat or drink and he just lies around and shakes and is due for another rabies shot next month?
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Who is the risk for getting the rabies?

EVERY ten minutes a person dies from rabies. IT could be anyone around a dog, who has the risk of rabies, around the dog that hasn't taken shots though.

Do hamsters have rabies at petland?

It is unknown if a hamster at pet-land had or has rabies. Rabies is a virus that can effect any mammal. the likely hood that a hamster would have rabies is not high simply because they would have to come in contact with another mammals saliva... normally through a bite wound. it is safe to say that it does not have rabies but if it were to have rabies being from petland and around alot of other mammals it could be possible.

Could a dog be infected with rabies without contact with a rabid animal?

No, rabies is only spread from one animal to another. It is not spread by other means.

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Can cats get rabies by eating an infected animal?

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How early can dogs get rabies?

In theory, a dog could get rabies at birth. If the mother had rabies or if it was bitten right after birth.

Could cats get rabies?

Usually any mammal can get rabies...including humans...

What doctor could vaccinate you from rabies?

You family physician may vaccinate you for rabies.

How long does it take for a dog to get rabies?

its not the matter of time its the matter of if the animal they gotten bitten by had rabies or sometimes it could take longer for the rabies to kick in if its like something big or if its small it get around the body quicker or if you panic alot it spreads quicker

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Rabies can be transmitted from mammal to mammal by a bite, so yes, a cat could get rabies from a bat bite.

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Rabies is typically not spread human-to-human, although if an infected human were to bite another human, it could happen. The much more common pathway for humans to get infected with rabies is to be bit by another mammal that is infected with rabies. In the United States, bats, raccoons and skunks are the most commonly identified mammal carriers; in places with variable dog control, feral dogs are commonly infected with rabies and tend to pass that infection on to humans.

Should a dog have a rabies booster shot when bitten by a coyote?

Because the rabies shot is a live virus, no. This could increase the rate of your dog getting sick from rabies. Get your dog tested, then if it has rabies, get it rabies injections.

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If the cat has rabies, you could contract rabies from ingesting their saliva.

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Yes. Rabies is a virus and could be called a parasite.

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Yes. Rabies has existed for thousands if not millions of years.

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Could a dog be infected with rabies without being bitten by a rabid animal?

Yes if the dog has interacted with a rabid animal,it could or probably will get infected with rabies.