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It is most likely Osgood Schlatter, which is multiple microfractures below your kneecap. It is commonly cause by growing, and is worsened by going up and down stairs or bending it. At many stores, there are medical bands, or straps that you can wrap around your knee for this. If you get the bands too late, then you need to see a doctor.

There are some things you can try. Ice/Heat application. Ice application is good for recent injuries (within last 48 hours), where your goal is to reduce swelling. Heat application is good for injuries you have for a while, where the goal is to relax and loosen tissues, and stimulate bloodflow to aid the healing process. Stretching. Helps relax the muscles to reduce stress on effected area, increases bloodflow, and can help a great deal with some kinds of knee injuries. Here's some tips - And then there's always good old rest. Like is said, sometimes all it needs is a chance to recover properly. So be very easy on that leg for a couple weeks, and it might get better on it's own. ibuprofen is an Anti-Inflammatory that can help with pain.

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Q: What could be wrong with your knee if you didn't injure it but now your left knee has been in pain sometimes especially when you bend it and you have a hard time going up and down stairs?
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