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She could have a pinched nerve. Take her to the doctor to see if they can give her anything to help reduce the pain.

2006-08-01 15:19:43
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What causes sharp shooting pains accompanied by coughing and dizzyness?

Sharp shooting pains where? More data please.

Sharp pains left side of body?

what should we be concerned about with sharp shooting pains on the left side of your body

What might cause sharp shooting pains in fingers?

There are various ailments that may cause sharp shooting pains in the fingers. If you are concerned then you should try and consult a doctor.

What causes sharp shooting pains in your side?

gas gas gas

Can shooting pains in your chest be from a yeast on your breast I am breast feeding?

Sharp shooting pains in the breast during lactation can be letdown pain or vasospasms. Vasospasms can occur in response to injury or infection.

Does gas cause sharp shooting pains in the lower abdomin?

It can do yes but if it continues see your Doctor.

Sharp pains through body?

This type of pain could just be a nerve pain. If there's a pinched nerve in your body somewhere, it could result in sharp pains.

What does it mean when you get sharp shooting pains in your feet?

it's just your foot falling asleep, personally i like it.

Is there a name or explanation for sharp shooting pains in your body that change locations?

Cramps Everyone can get sharp, shooting pains zig-zagging everywhere without any explanation. As quickly as they can come they can leave. Sometimes it's nerve endings, stress on muscles or ligaments or simply gas!

You have had a headache for about 3 weeks with sharp shooting pains in the right temple now your eye is twitching and your ears are hurting What could be the cause?

Stress or loud noises mainly.

Do you get sharp pains when your pregnant?

Yes you will get sharp pains when you are pregnant.

When it gets near the end of the day get sharp shooting pains on the right side of the head shooting from the back to the front and have quite a large lump on the right of the crown any ideas?

It could possibly be a tumor. You shuold get it checked out immediantly.

What could cause sharp pains in your left side and in the upper stomach?

could be diverticulosis

If your on the pill and have sharp shooting pains in your stomach and have brown spotting plus a dull back ache are these signs of pregnancies?


You have sharp pains in you stomach?

Sharp abdominal pains can be caused by a number things. If the pains persist, see a doctor immediately.

What could cause sharp pains and itching all over the body?


Left hand pains what could cause it?

sharp pain in my left hand

What could be the cause of random sharp stomach pains?

I would suspect an ulcer.

What causes sharp shooting pains on your feet?

There is a condition called 'policeman's foot' which will give you sharp shooting pains. This is generally caused by suddenly doing a type of activity your feet are not used too - for example, walking on snow everyday if it only snows infrequently where you live, or running over a pebbled beach every day for a few days whilst on holiday.

What would cause a sharp shooting pain in the inner left thigh?

Actually the same thing happened to me. I got that pain from pulling the main nerve in my thigh. It hurts a lot lot more than pulling a muscle. If you felt any numbness that could be a difinite sign that its the same thing. i have sharp shooting pains in mty left leg any ideas what could be the cause?

What could cause a sharp shooting pains in the anus?

This could be any one of several things. It could be just a passing thing or it could be hemorrhoid's, it could be a prostate problem or anal fissures. Or it could be something serious like cancer. You need to get checked out bu a doctor to know for sure what it could be.

Why are you having sharp pains on your left side?

Could be a cyst, or maybe kidney infection

What does it mean when you get sharp shooting pains in your fingers?

it either means that your arm has fallen asleep or it could be the beginings of carpol tunnel sydrome. if you spend a lot of time typing or playing video games this is more likly.

Tender breast and sharp pains in stomach?

Tender breasts and sharp pains in the stomach can be PMS or cysts.

Pains above left breast near heart?

I've been having sharp shooting pains unde and above the left breast area for about 2 weeks. I'm 30 yrs. old just so you know I'm not very old. Could you please help.