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See the vet immediately! Dogs can get cancer on their teats. My sister-in-law had a dog with cancer of two teats and it was successfully operated on saving the dogs life. She could have had a hard time giving birth and something could be wrong inside of her. Get to that vets!

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What are some action verbs ending with ing for bunnies?

running, leaping, scurrying, wandering

Why does a male dog pee on a female dog?

When dogs pee, they are marking their "territory." So by the male peeing on the female he is marking the female as "his."

What causes a dog to act different even if he is eating drinking and peeing?

ur face

Do female cats have an opening for peeing?

yes if they didn't they would explode with blockage of urine and die.

How can you stop your cat from peeing on you?

duhhh dont be around it when it has to pee

Can you get rid of gophers by peeing around the garden?

Of course! stupid

What is normal for a two month old baby?

Sleeping, eating, peeing and pooping, with a little bit of crying in between.

How does a pumpkin grow by biological processes?

by Jammy Thomsonpumpkins grow by pooping , peeing , reading , eating , and crying.

How do you stop your male dog from peeing on your female dog?

You either need to separate them or neuter your male dog.

What does it mean when your 3 year old female golden retriever is uncontrollably peeing and vomiting?

It may be dieing

How do you stop your hamster from peeing on you?

Hold a towel around it when being held.

Why is your female dog squatting but not peeing?

I have the same question. I have a 6 month old Cockapoo who just started squatting but it not peeing. I have taken her to the vet but they don't know what is going on. If anyone has an idea, please let us know.

What does it mean when a female cat keeps peeing everywhere?

my female cat pees everywhere. It's just the scent loike. They pick up the smell of pee so they pee again.

Will you die peeing on yourself?

You will not die from peeing on yourself.

How do you use peeing in a sentence?

I was peeing on that bear over there.

It burns after you stop peeing?

It burns when I stop peeing

What is wrong with your female puppy constantly peeing even after she just peed alredy?

She could have a UTI - take her to a vet and have her urine analyzed.

How do you get your female cat to stop peeing outside kitty litter?

Have you thought that it might be pregnant if you arn't sure then take it to the vet to get it looked at.

Can you get aids from someone peeing on you?

No. Unless they were peeing blood, of course.

How do blue crabs recycle energy?

well they recycle energy by pooping and peeing and eating what they let out I know it sounds nasty but well Its true !<3

How can you know when someone is pregnant?

you can tell when someone is prego because they will be eating a lot, peeing a lot, vomiting, and having very bad mood swings.

Could your female dog die if she is peeing and pooping blood?

probably not it is most likely on its pieriod but i am not fully sure go and ask your vet x

Do female dogs lift leg when peeing?

It's a bit like girls peeing standing up - they can, but it's not usual. Male dogs will often cock a leg partly to stop peeing all over themselves and partly to make a high mark on something. Female dogs can't usually aim as high as male dogs, so when marking, a female dog will pee sitting down. (Sometimes a talented female dog will mark like a male if she can get high enough!) However, if she just needs to pee kinda badly, she'll cock her leg like a boy and pee with her leg up to avoid splashing herself. Ahhh! I wonder if relief feels as wonderful for dogs, huh? ^_^

Should you worry if your hamster not peeing or pooing?

I would. When your hamster is not peeing, it could be urinary track infection. If you are sure about peeing and pooing, you should take him to a vet.

What are some main events on Juan ponce De Leon journey?

peeing pooing sleeping eating walking playing video games explodeing saying goofingshkwak