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Q: What could be wrong with your young female hamster if she is showing signs of pregnancy but you don't own a male hamster?
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Can the hamster go over the gestation period and remain pregnant?

You have to see how long it is over the gestation period. If it is really over the gestation period, your hamster may not even be pregnant at all. There are cases of false pregnancy where the hamster is not pregnant just showing the signs of pregnancy or it could have reabsorbed all the pups.

Why has your hamster got suddenly big?

Is your hamster male or female? Is there any possibility she could be pregnant?

Your hamster keeps bleeding in her bedding what could this be?

If it is a female, she could be going into season.

Does a female hamster need a male hamster?

no but your hamster does need a friend. Your hamster does not necessarily need a male hamster unless you need to breed it. It could just have a friend hamster boy or girl.

What if your hamster gives birth and theirs another hamster in its cage?

take out the other hamster because it could destress themom or the other male/female could kill the young.

I took my female hamster into school and a kid put it in a male hamsters cage they were in there for about 15 minutes i was wondering if that was long enough to get the female pregnant?

yes, the hamster could be pregnant.

How many days later will the female hamster get pregnant after breeding?

The hamster could become pregnant afer 10-16 day's

Can you have a another female hamster with a pregnant hamster in the same cage?

no i would move them out the hamsters could get in a fight or eat the others babies

How many days after sex could you be showing signs of pregnancy?

My Question is exactly the same..

What does it mean when your hamster is getting fatter?

You're either overfeeding it or if it's female, it could be pregnant.

Your hamster is sick where does it have to go to get treatment?

If your hamster is showing any signs of illness, it is best for you to take it to the vet. They will tell you what the problem is and give your hamster treatment. For more information you could use websites and books. Hope this helped!

How long hamsters pregnancy?

It really depends on the type of hamster. could be between 15-30 days if that helps :)

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