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What could blisters on the tongue be caused from?



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Autoimmune diseases like Lupus can also cause blisters inside the mouth. Irritation can also cause them. Often rinsing with a salt water solution will help them heal, as the salt causes the tiny blood vessels that are swollen to constrict, and it kills any germs and bacteria that might be present.

what.. and how you can heal it faster.

I get little white bumps on my tongue seems like all the time... they will go away and then a couple months later come back. They appear on half of my tongue and on top... I always scrape my tongue on my teeth because it feels better. this a painful 7 day process.

I have 3 theorys to what causes this...

I love big red gum... the cinnomon flavored. but i would chew it even if the flavor was gone. maybe the blisters are caused by spicy food.

I have been biting my nails since I had teeth maybe the blisters are caused by the bacteria from under my nails.

I love fruit and fruit contains citris acid.. maybe my tongue can't handle so much acid.

My doctor said it could be either one of these. There are many ways you can help to relieve the pain.

1.) mix Phillips and benedryll together and keep putting your tongue in it.

2.) You can sleep with a bag of ice and frequently keep putting it on your tongue until you fall asleep.

3.) Ambesol is the best thing to use but don't use too much cause it will make you sick.

Hope this helps..