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To help hip pain you should go to the ciropratics!☺♥☻

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a bad sleeping possition

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Q: What could cause Hip pain when you sleep?
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What are some homeopathic remedies for hip pain?

Go to the chiropractor, physical therapist etc. ice it and when you sleep,put a pillow underneath the thigh of the side of the injured hip. If you sleep on your side, be sure to sleep on the injured hip to avoid gravitational pull

What can cause hip pain in a teen?

You could have fallen on it, you could be running on uneven ground, ballet dancers get hip pain since they are always stressing their hip. Mine really hurts to the point it hurts to even walk on it but that's what I know about hip injuries. It really depends where it hurts.

Can gas cause hip pain?


Can snapping hip syndrome with enough pain to make me limp - also cause pain in upper back heel and opposite flank This has been going on for months and I has pain in all these areas?

These could all connected with each other... "The hip-snapping" sounds like either arthritis of the hip (are you having pain in your groin? That would mean severe hip arthritis) or maybe a ligament on the outside of your hip & thigh snapping over a part of the outer hip-bone. The upper back heel pain could be because you have to favor your hip when you walk, and that could make the lower area in back of your leg hurt... (either leg), and the opposite flank pain could certainly be because of the abnormal posture in walking the way you do, making you use muscles in a way that is not normal... I hope you can get help for this problem!! It is not necessarily arthritis- it could be a hip impingment, which can be corrected (and would also cause groin pain)

What can cause low leftside by hip bone. Why does it hurt sometimes?

myhusband is hurting with both his hip ,,, it is pain ,, what is it ,,,

What can cause lower back pain and a small piercing pain on the upper hip?

I believe that shingles can cause lower back pain.

What are some causes of hip joint pain?

The cause of hip joint pain is typically excess movement by pounding of the leg on to hard pavement such as cement. Typically, hip joint pain is caused by a lack of stretching or excess strain.

What are some conditions that can cause hip pain?

Hip pain can be caused by simply growing older. It can also be caused by traumatic injury to the hip, or even by slight strains or pulls in the muscles surrounding the joint.

What causes hip pain after pregnancy?

The stretching of the pelvis during delivery can cause short- and long-term pain.

Causes of groin pain?

As odd as this may seem, it could actually be from a cut or abrasion below the groin area, such as on the legs. There are glands in the groin area that can be affected by something like that. But you need to see your doctor for an examination, since there are a number of things that could cause this.

Need hip replacement no insurance what can you do for the pain?

Acupuncture and chiropractor and massages could do wonders for not only hip pain but for all kinds of bodily pain, yoga is a very good free substitute.