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When there is a code in the computer the engine runs on a set of specs and is not variable. Get the 02 fixed.

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โˆ™ 2004-08-24 09:52:57
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Q: What could cause a '98 Ford Contour to stall even though it does not run rough restarts easily but has a 'Bad O2 Sensor' engine code?
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Where can you find a picture of the engine temp sensor location on a 1998 ford contour zetec engine?

Where can i find a picture of the engine temp sensor location on a 1998 ford escort zetec engine?

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 1998 Ford Contour?

I'm not sure which engine you have, but, the 2.0 has the camshaft sensor on the drivers side of the engine, right in front of the distributer

Why does the check engine light come on?

1996 Ford Contour is sometime caused by a misfire on startup. The error will clear itself after 3 complet warm-up cycles not restarts.

Where is the O2 sensor on a 1996 Ford Contour?

on the front of the engine. it has a white wire on it and it screws in and out like a spark plug

Where is the Camshaft positioning sensor located on a 1999 ford contour?

near the #4 spark plug. 2.0L Engine

Where is the crankshaft position sensor located on a 1999 ford contour 2.0 dohc vin3?

sensor is found on front of engine block above the harmonic balance wheel

Where is the coolant sensor on a 1997 Contour 4 cylander?

It should be located on the top of the thermostat housing just at the right hand end of the engine. I am assuming that you are looking for the guage sensor.

What is the matter 96 contour; engine revs when idling and sometimes is very slugish during exceleration?

vacuum leak or 02 sensor

Corsa 1.0 16 valve that cuts out after 20 mins running then restarts after a rest?

check the crank shaft sensor under the engine near the starter motor.

Where is the harness connector on the number 2 oxygen sensor located on a 1999 Contour Zetec?

front left side of engine compartment, near the exaust.

How do you replace a temperature sending unit on a 1998 Ford Contour?

Follow the main hose that goes from radiator to engine block. It is on engine block between the main hose connected to engine block and a pullye. The heat gauge wire is snapped on the sensor. Remove the wire and replace the sensor.

Is the 1997 Ford Contour engine a interference engine?

The engine is a non-interference engine.

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