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Well I seem to have a similar situation.. I would say your 'ping' is a bit of a 'sprong' on my 95 Windstar. Further the brake pedal seems to bind, makes the sound and not engage the brakes.. I can apply more pressure and pass through the bind to engage the brakes or with some pumping of the pedal the binding dissipates and the brakes engage properly.. I was wondering if this is similar to your situation? Unfortunately I do not have the answer; I am on the 'net today looking for information! Should I find any info pf value I will post here.. Regards, Styx

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โˆ™ 2005-01-22 18:31:02
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Q: What could cause a 'ping' sound when stepping on the brakes of a 1996 Ford Windstar?
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What could cause a 1995 Nissan to make a rumble sound when coasting and then stepping on the gas if brakes and tires have been checked?

Wheel Bearings are most likely worn.

For a 95 Ford Windstar the brakes went and the front brakes have been changed with new pads and rotors - Back brakes were adjusted and there are still no brakes - what else to do to fix it?

what you have could be one of three problems. Check your reservoir to see if it has plenty of brake fluid, bleed your brakes,they may of lost the fluid while changing brakes. Also, if you have a vacuum leak it will cause your brakes not to work. Or it could be your master cylinder or your vacuum booster that has went bad. brewski

Your brakes vibrate when coming to a slow stop feels like chuttering feedback on the pedal on a 1998 Windstar?

it could be the rotors

Why does a car stall when stepping on brakes causes my volts to drag down and kills the engine?

Check for vaccuum leaks this could be your problem.

What makes brakes vibrate when stepping on the peddle on a 2004 Kia Sorento?

Check the brakes. You may need new rotors. You didnt say how hard you stand on the brakes because if you are heavy on them it could be the abs unit working properly

Right rear and which front brake do you bleed on 98 windstar?

You're supposed to bleed all four brakes or you really arent doing anthing, you could also cause improper and uneven wear on the brake pads them selves

You have a 97 Ford F-150 When the brakes applied there's thump when it slows down to about 20mph its consistent worn brakes the cause or other?

worn brakes could be the cause or check the A frame bushings

What would cause a Mazda 6 brakes to squeak?

If the brakes on a Mazda 6 are squeaking, it could be indicative of a problem. The brake pads could be incorrectly set.

What could cause squeaking from rear tire?

rubbing from brakes or rubbing from frame

Does this light stop brakes from working?

It would be against the law for a motor manufacturer to fit a light which could cause the brakes to fail.

What makes steering wheel shake when stepping on the brakes?

If its shaking side to side could be a tire out of balance or maybe a mechanical issue (wheel bearing, alignment, etc). Probably not a safety issue, but it can wear the tires out prematurely which can be expensive. Warped brake rotors are the most likely cause if the steering wheel only shakes when applying the brakes.

What could cause there to be oil in the air filter on a Ford Windstar?

Could be the PCV valve is faulty.. Checking mine tomorrow for the same reason!

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