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What could cause a 1987 Lincoln Town Car with a 5.0L EFI to stall out?

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2015-07-17 17:33:36
2015-07-17 17:33:36

A failing or bad coil can cause an engine to stall. After cooling for a while, it is often possible to restart the engine.

A fuel delivery problem could also cause stalling. For instance, if the car usually only stalls when the engine is under a heavy load, the problem would probably just be a clogged fuel filter.

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AnswerIt probably needs a tuneup.check your mass air flow meter

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The fuel filter could cause a start and stall. Other causes could include the fuel pump, computer, various sensors, and ignition system.

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This sounds like an idle problem. Does the service engine light come on before the engine stalls? If it does it should post a code. Knowing what that code is could lead to a more accurate assessment of the problem. Does the engine idle ok before you put the car in gear? Does the engine restart and idle ok after the stall? There are multiple possible causes for the stall. The IAC, idle air controller, could simply be dirty and not delivering enough air for the engine to run. If the MAF, mass air flow sensor, if faulty or dirty that might cause the engine to stall. If the Oxygen sensor is faulty that could cause a stall and generally poor running as well. It may be possible that if the TPS, throttle position sensor, is faulty that could cause the engine to stall at idle speed. If you have found out what the problem is I would be interested to know for future reference.

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