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The cause is most likely electrical, with a possible chaffed wire, loose connector connection or loose ground wire leading to the engine, transmission or elsewhere.

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Q: What could cause a 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix transmission to stall when hitting water?
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What would cause your transmission to jerk when going from neutral to drive in my 200 Pontiac grand am?

Idle speed too high.

What can cause a 1992 Pontiac grand prix transmission not to go into reverse and to move forward while in neutral?

Linkage needs adjustment?

What would cause a clunk sound on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am when shifting automatic transmission from park?

broken transmission mount there is a front left, rear left and a center mount

What would cause an ignition to lock on a Pontiac grand am?

the steering wheel..

Why is your 2001 Pontiac grand am se backfiring could it be something with the coil pack?

A malfunctioning coil pack can cause your 2001 Pontiac Grand Am to backfire. The more likely cause is a faulty fuel injector.

Will a bad fuse cause the transmission not to shift on a Pontiac?

no way that will not cause anything with the transmission by the way im 11 but my granda helped me out he used to own a garge of his own.

Why does Pontiac Grand Prix transmission to slip?

it means that transmission is about to quit working that's what I was told by a transmission shop that if the engine temperature doesn't get up to normal then a torq converter sensor will cause the converter to kick in and out, making it seem like the tranny is slipping. But, can anyone elaborate on this? thanks. lghall

What could cause a Pontiac Grand Am to lose all power in drive but run fine in park?

I don't know how any vehicle can "run" in park, but, generally speaking, the transmission would need to be repaired.

What is the top speed on the Pontiac Grand Am gt?

The top speed of the Pontiac Grand Am GT with the 3400 V6 is approximately 130mph. However, the Grand Am GT shares the same transmission with the 4-cylinder models, and sustaining these speeds will quickly cause permanent damage to internal transmission components. Furthermore, driving at such speeds on public roads is illegal, irresponsible, and can result in incarceration and forfeiture of your vehicle. Also, injuring someone as the result of negligence carries mandatory prison sentences in many states.

What would cause the tachometer on a 99 Pontiac grand am to jump once in a while?

Its going bad.

What would cause a misfire on a 05 Pontiac grand prix?

you might wanna chage the plugs and wires. what other symptoms does the car have. i am having the same problem in my 2003 pontiac grand prix gt

How do you reset abs light on 2004 Pontiac grand am?

The ABS light on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am can be reset by connecting an OBDII code reader to the vehicle's computer. It can reset all codes and determine their cause.

What would cause a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo transmission to overheat?

Pinched or blocked transmission cooling lines

What would cause a whistling noise in a 1994 Pontiac grand am?

A whistling noise indicates a vacuum leak.

Where is the egr valve on the 91 Pontiac Grand Am?

Would this cause the car not to start If the EGR VALVE is bad

What would cause a 2000 Pontiac grand prix to occasionally shift hard?

play in the drive train

What can cause a coolant leak for a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix?

a crack or a hole in the tank. or hose for that matter

2005 Pontiac grand prix vacuum line diagram?

The vacuum line diagram for a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix can be found in the service manual. Vacuum is provided by the engine and leaks can cause serious performance issues.

What would cause your 2001 Pontiac grand am gt to under cool?

water temp sensor wire grounding out could cause this problem.

Will a vacuum line leak cause your computer in your 1997 Pontiac grand am to mess up?

It might cause the "check engine" light to come on.

Does the bcm control the transmission in Chrysler 2000 Grand Caravan?

No, but it can cause the trans computer to not be able to communicate. that will cause not shifting.

What else could cause 96 Pontiac Grand am to startrun few seconds them die?

i have the same problem i got a 96 Pontiac grand am 2.4 4 cylinder great car it could be the knock sensor or fuel pump

How do you replace the spark plugs for a 1996 Pontiac grand am se 2.4l?

i have a probleme whit my 1996 grand am i cant change the plug cause there a bar on front of it

What would cause the battery light to come on in a 2002 Pontiac grand am?

Typically, a bad or "going bad" alternator.

What would cause Oil to get in coolant but no coolant in oil in 2002 Pontiac grand am gt?

blown head gasket