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What could cause a 1993 Saturn sedan speedometer to go to 0 and the service engine soon light and battery light to all come on then go off intermittently?


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2006-03-31 01:11:16
2006-03-31 01:11:16

In my 94 Saturn 1.9ltr,all the'idiot'lamps started appearing one by one as things started to shut down while driving,even the trans acted weird Diagnosis:Alternator fixed the problem Also, If you have motorized belts (and they r also malfuntioning), the module controlling it might be broken. It costs around 150 $ at the dealers (could try ordering on net). Easy to replace if you have 15 mins to spare. This might sound stupid, but check to see that the battery is tightly connected. Don't just look at it, try to tighten it. I had something similar happen to me and it turned out the battery connections had worked their way loose. We had this problem on our 1999 SL. The battery cable was loose where it connected to the block.


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The battery in the Saturn Vue is located under the hood on the driver's side, near the front of the car.

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The battery type foe a 2000 Saturn LS2 is a 12 volt side post. The group size of the battery is 75.

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